LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to reach 1 million clients with LinkedIn

Employee advocacy is powerful tool for any organisation. Not only does it give you tremendous reach, it also elevates your message from mere advertising to interpersonal communication.

So what's the best way to get started on your journey towards employee advocacy bliss?

Encourage your employees to use social media

In many companies, the use of social media during work hours is frowned upon. Instead of keeping employees from social media, you should consider actively encouraging them to be active on LinkedIn and Facebook. Naturally, you should also provide them with shareable stories with which they can interact.

Once a culture for social media use has been established within your organisation, the next step is to formalise your efforts through an employee advocacy programme - and measure your efforts through validated learning.

The long term benefit

As a rule of thumb, each employee has a reach of roughly a thousand people in their network. This means that 1,000 employees have a potential reach of one million people!

These numbers alone should make you want to clear your desk and draft your employee advocacy programme right now.

Read more/source: Brandwatch





LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to keep all your information if your profile is lost

LinkedIn is constantly changing and so are its terms and conditions. As a heavy LinkedIn user you may have run into a warning from LinkedIn - and some of you may even have been locked out of your account.

The greatest risk of losing access to your account is the amount of data that is tied to your profile. Essentially, your list of LinkedIn contacts is an extension of your CRM system. As such, it's a bit worrying not to have complete control over the data.

Back up your LinkedIn data

To sleep better at night, you should back up your LinkedIn data at least a couple of times a year. And it's easy, with these simple steps:

  1. Click "My Network" in the top navigation bar on LinkedIn
  2. Click "See all" under "Your connections" on the left-hand side of the page
  3. In the top right-hand corner, click "Manage synced and imported contacts"
  4. Click "Export contacts" under "Advanced actions"
  5. Pick either "Fast file only" or "Fast file plus other data" and then click "Request archve".
  6. Provide your password and then your request will be queued and you will receive a mail with instructions on how to download your data file.

That's it. Your data will be safe and not solely reside on the servers of a large social network :)




Free inspirational seminar in Oslo: Employee Advocacy

Join us on 24 August in Oslo and learn how you can help your employees succeed within social media and subsequently strengthen your organisation's online presence.

Your employees have much higher credibility than your LinkedIn company page

You might be on top of your company's presence on social media, but are your employees included in your strategy? Are they primed and ready for meeting with existing and potential customers, new talent and strategic partners – bearing in mind that corporate messages are conveyed not only to your employees' connections but also to the possibly thousands of people in the second tier of their networks.

Considering that 72 per cent of time spent on LinkedIn is spent looking at other LinkedIn profiles, your employees' LinkedIn profiles should be included as an active or reactive part of your organisation's SoMe communication strategy.

Join us in Oslo

Based on the claim "People Trust People", Hans Petter Stub from Whydentify (NO), Michael Fælling Sørensen from Sociuu (DK) and Christian Sylvester from Makeover Services International (DK) will inspire the participants to strengthen their direct and indirect communication efforts through employees' professional social media profiles.


LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to write your LinkedIn summary like an elevator pitch

Your professional summary is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. You need to be able to convey a convincing story within a very limited time frame. So why not treat your summary like the ultimate elevator pitch?

We suggest you follow these four pointers to make your summary more exciting to both read and hear:

1) Get to the point quickly

Just like when you meet someone in passing, you never now when their attention drifts, so make sure you use your time as efficiently as possible. Start out with "I closed three deals with major clients last month" rather than "I'm a really good salesman" - and don't save all the good points until the end because you may have lost your audience by then.

2) Be informative, but not boring

Being informative is important but you should also be aware that people require a certain level of entertainment in order not be distracted by more interesting things.

Start out with some solid facts about your achievements and then add a couple of interesting and unique facts about your career - something memorable that makes you stand out from the crowd.

3) Keywords

Be precise when you mention your hard skills and do include keywords that you know are important in your industry. This ensures that you show up in relevant search results for both recruiters and potential business partners.

It also shows that you know the lingo of the business that you operate in which in many situations is an important skill.

4) Test flight

Once your summary is done, test it like a real elevator pitch by reading it out to a colleague or friend. This is a great way of sanity checking your efforts and fine-tuning your speech before it goes online.

The added bonus of treating this like an elevator pitch is that you also optimise you actual elevator pitch. A win-win situation!




LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to be a great CEO on LinkedIn

C-level managers often neglect their LinkedIn profiles which is not only sending a bad signal to their employees but it may also constitute scores of missed opportunities.

If you're in top management, you should take a minute to consider if you're using LinkedIn in the best possible way. These are our top tips for you:

Be contactable but stay in control

Consider the benefits of having your email address visible on your profile. However, if you're the CEO of a large organisation you may want the opportunity to filter who contacts you directly. One trick is to create an email alias (or even a separate or account) to use with your public profile. This address can be managed by your PA or you can filter it straight to a specific folder in your email application.

Connect with like-minded people

Building af great LinkedIn network can take months or even years. Make sure you connect with people that are not only relevant to your business but also to yourself and your future career.


Great leaders should have many recommendations on LinkedIn. Don't be afraid to ask former business relations, employees and peers to write a recommendation for you.

Be a leader in your industry

As a C-level exec, you're expected to be a thought leader and steer your company in the right direction.

Remember, using LinkedIn as a blogging platform is a great way to reach a large audience with your writings. Set aside some time every weekend to write about a subject that is relevant to your business and aim to publish your posts in the evening where most other C-level execs tend to be online.

Flaunt your credentials

If you have a relevant exam or qualification, consider adding the title to your name on LinkedIn. That little MBA, MSc or PhD will underline your credibility with peers within your profession. Also, this will make you even more findable for executive recruiters.

Professional photo

LinkedIn is not the place to show off the catch from your latest fishing trip - that stuff belongs on Facebook. You probably already have a professional-looking photo from your company's website or intranet, so use that instead. Just make sure that the resolution is high enough and the image doesn't look pixelated.



LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 6 quick tips for creating great content for your LinkedIn company page

You can easily find hundreds of articles online with tips for creating better LinkedIn content. But here, our experts at MSI have put their collective minds together and have come up with their six best tips for posting content on your LinkedIn company page.

1) Be consistent

Post content on LinkedIn consistently, say, twice a week to keep your company or product present in the minds of your audience.

2) Harvest ideas within your organisation

Consistency without quality is worthless, so make sure you maximise your possibilities of delivering content on a regular basis. For instance, you could set up a list on your company intranet and ask your colleagues to contribute with ideas or even full posts.

3) Use your time effectively

Social media is a time hog and if managing your company LinkedIn (and other SoMe) account isn't your full-time job, you'll benefit from timeboxing your efforts throughout the week. You could set aside two hours 2-3 times a week and start building a routine around your SoMe activities.

4) Split test

Once you get into the habit of posting consistently, you'll get the feel of your audience. Split testing is a great way of gauging which messages work better and you can do something similar on your LinkedIn company page. Use the "Target Audiece" feature when you post to target specific segments of your followers - but remember, you need a good deal more than 300 followers to get any practical use out of this.

5) Analyse and review

Always track back and check how much attention your previous posts garnered in order to better be able to shape future content on your LinkedIn company page. The analytics page gives pretty nuanced insights into the engagement level of your posts.

6) Recap

Don't be afraid to recap and summarise your content in "best of" posts once in while - but don't overdo it. New followers will appreciate to be brought up to speed but make sure you don't alienate your core followers with too much regurgitated content.




LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 4 tips for creating shareable content for LinkedIn

Creating great, shareable content for social media is hard: How can you stand out from the crowd without dumbing down your brand with clickbait and cliches?

If you're playing the long game, there's no doubt that quality content is the way forward. Well-written, researched articles will emphasise the professionalism of your company.

These tips will get you on the right track for creating quality, shareable content for LinkedIn:

1) Rich media

By adding an image - almost any image - your post will stand out in the stream of updates in your followers' feeds. However, picking the right image can be tricky. At the very least, the image shouldn't give off a vibe that contradicts the overall message of your post. At best, it should be a valuable addition to your story - or even capable of conveying a message on its own.

You may even consider adding a headline to the image itself (using Photoshop, for instance) as this will make your post even more attention-grabbing in the feed.

2) Avoid insulting the intelligence of your audience

Don't be tempted by the short-term gains provided by clickbaity headlines. You may see a spike in engagement on a post with alluring headlines with little or no payoff in the article itself. But it isn't worth it in the long run as your followers will abandon you if you keep wasting their time.

There are other ways of making interesting headlines but it does take a bit of effort.

3) Ask for engagement

Don't be shy - ask your readers for engagement. But don't merely ask for shares or likes - instead you could ask a question which your readers can answer in the comments section.

This way, your post will get traction among your readers' followers and it may even heighten the quality of your post if a sound discussion takes place in the comments.

4) Use external content and get Google juice

All the attention you get from your followers on LinkedIn can also be put to good use outside the social media realm.

If your posts are long-form or more traditional blog post format, you should consider posting them on your website and use LinkedIn to notify your followers, whenever a new post goes live.

At MSI, we create a new LinkedIn Tip of the Week blog post every week. In a year, this enriches our website with more than fifty LinkedIn-focused articles which in turn gives us a higher rank in Google's search results regarding LinkedIn. We use our newsletter, LinkedIn and Facebook as ways of generating traffic to our blog posts.

You can tailor your posts on the different SoMe channels to suit the intended audience and you can even post your updates at certain times (e.g. after working hours) when your readers are most active.

It may take some time to find the perfect formula but after a while you will get the feel of what your audience prefers and this will make your job a lot easier.




LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to show off your personality on LinkedIn (part two)

Last week we brought you the first part of this topic - and here's the conclusion. If you haven't read part one yet, we recommend that you go back and read it now.

3) Connect with people

Naturally, connecting with “the right people” will not change your personality but it does give the hiring manager a chance to discover that you are connected to some of of your future colleagues - or someone else in the hiring manager's network. If you’re looking into applying for a specific job, it may be a good idea to check if you know someone who works at the company and make sure that you are connected. The hiring manager will be able to read about your professional skills on your profile and by reaching out to shared connections, he or she can ask for a more personal account of you as a person.

4) Ask for recommendations

An endorsement of your professional skills from an ex-colleague, a classmate or a business partner usually also contains some sort of personal note, like "I really enjoyed working with John, he always had a smile on his face and kept the spirits high in the office”. Reading this as a statement from one of your connections is more trustworthy than if you include a similar description of yourself in your profile. Similarly, writing “I am a good teacher” carries much less weight than if one of your connections publicly states “Christy taught me to understand the complexity of quantum physics in just two weeks!

5) Talk about yourself in the first person

A lot of people write their summary in the third person. The information presented may be exactly the same as if you write it in the first person but a third person description of yourself may seem impersonal and distanced from whom you are as a person. Also, it may seem more like an objective and general evaluation of your professional and personal traits - and this can be a good thing. But when it comes to your LinkedIn summary we recommend that you write it in the first person and leave the objective descriptions to your connections, through recommendations and endorsements. The summary section may be the most relevant section to show off your personality and its primary purpose is to catch the reader’s attention and give a personal account of yourself.

Following these simple steps will help you a long way in showing off more of your personality on LinkedIn. That said – be careful not to forget about your hard skills. Your professional skills are usually the keywords that gets your profile discovered in the first place, and your personal skills should be used to fill in the gaps and complete the picture.




Our UK connection

Introducing Emma Cox, our new agent in the UK!

Emma has over 20 years’ experience in corporate IT - from rollouts, training and deskside support to project and portfolio management, working in the UK and Europe.

This led her to setting up her own training business and this morphed into social media, focussed around LinkedIn and it has grown to include business networking training.

A focus on networking

As a creator, Emma finds it easy to come up with new ideas on how to grow a business. She works with business owners and corporates to help them understand why networking is a vital part of how to communicate with potential clients and to stay in touch with existing clients.

Sometimes referred to as the "Networking Queen" she runs several business networking groups within South East England and is focussed on helping clients to build an effective and profitable business network. LinkedIn is one of the key tools she uses and she organizes and leads several popular courses teaching people how to improve the results they get from business networking.

Emma speaks internationally and talks include how LinkedIn and networking can help you become known as an expert in what you do. She is known for connecting people together and is often quoted in the local press in articles on women and running your own business. She has travelled around the world twice and is a PADI qualified diver.

2017 and onwards

"I am delighted to partner with Makeover Services International for LinkedIn profile makeovers as this means I can focus on my LinkedIn consultancy and reach a wider audience. I have a wide network of people, including HR consultants, coaches, outplacement and recruitment companies and I'm looking for people who would like to team up and promote MSI within London and Southern England. I am also happy to let trusted people leverage my network."

If you are interested in becoming a reseller for MSI within the UK, drop Emma a line at

Do connect with Emma on LinkedIn (please personalise your connection request), Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to show off your personality on LinkedIn (part one)

Being the perfect match for a job requires so much more than possessing the right experience from previous positions. Besides having the right qualifications, relevant education and being located in (or willing to move to) the right location, you also need to be a match with the organizational culture, their corporate values and your potential new colleagues.

In a job interview, the chemistry between the candidate and the hiring manager - and perhaps even the rest of the recruitment team - is very important. If you are the joking type and used to be the centre of attention, it may be difficult for you to fit into a team of very serious accountants. Ultimately, this may mean that you are not the best match for the position.

Finally, being able to prove that you have great passion for what you do may be the final detail that pushes you from the “maybe relevant candidates” pile to the “schedule an interview” pile.

For instance, if you 're a very humorous, person, adding a little humor to your profile may be a good idea, but other personal traits may not be showcased as easily through LinkedIn.

Empty words

Conveying your great personality - by using keywords, a short summary and a (professional) profile picture - is very challenging for most people. All recruiters and hiring managers have seen hundreds of resumes and cover letters filled with empty words, describing the applicant as “positive, proactive, passionate and committed to their work,” without any substance underpinning these assertions. In the initial part of the screening process, when you haven't met your recruiter yet, you need to communicate the right things in order to get to the next step where you show off more of your personality.

Most recruiters search exclusively for "hard skills" or professional qualifications when sourcing candidates through LinkedIn. This, however, does not mean that your personality is irrelevant. Below we have listed a few tips on how to make your personality shine through on your profile, increasing the likelihood of a better match between you and a potential new employer:

1) Join groups related to your industry

Anyone can write on their LinkedIn profile that they “have a great passion for the oil and gas industry”, but how can a recruiter know that you're serious about this? Your employment history may tell a completely different story and it’s your responsibility to showcase this passion if your goal is to land a position at one of the major players in business.

Signing up for membership in groups that share content specifically related to your area of work shows that you have a real interest in keeping up with what is going on within your industry.

Joining relevant groups also increases your profile’s findability in terms of hard skills.

2) Share and comment

Actively sharing and commenting on content related to your industry is also a way of showing that you are engaged and passionate about what you do. Even content not directed towards your specific industry may be worth taking a minute to engage with. For example, if you state on your profile that you are interested in politics, commenting on a post about how a minister handles a specific case, shows that you are dedicated to what interests you. Just remember to keep a professional tone and avoid making statements that are too controversial.

Sharing and commenting on both industry and non-industry specific content both increases your visibility and builds your personal brand – including your personality.




LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to generate leads via your company page


Lead generation is one of the holy grails of professional social media and you've probably encountered some of the rather dubious automated schemes on offer. However, online lead generation is real and it does work - and you can use LinkedIn and other social media networks to cultivate new business opportunities. But it's a little harder than some people would have you believe.

If you follow our guidelines, your LinkedIn company page could become a valuable tool as a passive and continuous lead generation channel:

1) Always include calls-to-action

You must, of course, remember to include a link to your website in the description of your company page. But you should also ensure that visitors to your company page don't get stuck with nowhere to go. Always provide a link in your updates, either to your homepage or somewhere else. You can include links for easy tracking of clicks even if they link to resources beyond the realm of your website.

2) Make your stuff shareable

To get more eyeballs on your corporate LinkedIn updates, you should make them stand out. This means including an eye-catching image that relates to the update - and it's a very good idea to embed a a couple of relevant words in the image itself. This way, the message comes across even if the update is shared without the accompanying text.

3) Tailor your description for optimum visibility

This may seem insignificant, but do remember to take a look at your company page from a normal visitor's standpoint. Only the first couple of lines of your company description is shown by default. Visitors have to click the "Show more" link to expand and read the full description - and many don't bother.

You should author your company description accordingly and include the most important bits in the first sentence or two.

4) Employee advocacy and interaction

We've mentioned this before but it's so important that it's worth reiterating: Your employees play a super important role in leveraging the power of your company page. Remember to nudge them to like and share your updates - this can potentially give your updates a tremendous viral boost. Your staff probably know a lot of people within your line of business which means that your message will be seen by all the right people.

5) Pay up

Finally, LinkedIn also has a tool to help you generate leads. At a price, of course. LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you deeper insights into possible leads, sales-oriented searching and even CRM-like functions. 



LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Our 3 top tips for job seekers


If you're looking for a new job, LinkedIn should be at the top of your list of priorities - but you probably already knew that.

Other than making sure that your profile is up-to-date and in pristine condition, you can do the following 3 things to maximise your chances of landing your next dream job:

1) Stay visible

Share relevant articles, like and comment on posts from your connections - and make sure you do a little bit every day, or at least every other day. Being overly active once in a while doesn't do much for your overall visibility.

Just remember to always slant you content towards your line of business.

2) It's not what you know...

It's who you know! The old cliche rings true for job seekers as well.

You need to constantly build your network to widen your potential audience. Remember, your reach goes as far as all your second level connections.

If you share a post on LinkedIn and some of your contacts interact with it, their contacts will see this. Your effective reach could be in the hundreds of thousands of people.

3) Become an authority in your field - and show it

You may be the best, say, business developer in the world but if you don't show and tell it, no-one will come knocking on your door and offer you a job.

Set aside a couple of hours every week to write a blog post about something within your area of expertise - and publish a link to your post on LinkedIn.

Better still, use LinkedIn's own platform for blogging. LinkedIn blog posts get exceptionally good visibility and engagement within the network itself.



LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to increase engagement on your LinkedIn company page


Engagement from your followers is key if you want to get your message across via your LinkedIn company page - and other social media outlets. Posting a lot of content without getting a response is not only discouraging for yourself (and your content editors) but it's also bad business. You spend all this time without getting any ROI.

Could your time be spent more wisely? Probably.

Why post anything at all?

First of all, it may be worthwhile to take a step back and look at your overall SoMe strategy, however, this is outside the scope of this blog post. But we urge you to consider the following two pieces of advice:

1) Aim for engagement but back it up with quality content

If you solely post content of low quality and drive traffic with click-batey links, you may initially achieve a lot of engagement but you definitely will not build a following which is relevant to your business.

2) Don't forget the long-term investment in your website's SEO

Our LinkedIn Tip of the Week series is published via our newsletter, Facebook and LinkedIn but the bulk of the content is always posted on our website. This means that our site's SEO rating on LinkedIn-related topics is rising, week by week. Also, to see the full post, users have to visit our website where we can advertise our services in the context of the blog post.

How do your get people to engage with your content?

This is the tricky part, and there really is no one-size-fits-all approach to securing engagement from users. But the below pointers will get you on the right track.

1) Ask questions or include a call-to-action

If you ask a question in your post, you're more likely to get engagement from your audience. Also, even if you're posting a simple status update, adding a call-to-action link will increase engagement.

2) The ambassador effect

Your employees are your best ambassadors and you should definitely use this to your advantage. For instance, a job posting for a sales executive which is shared by the sales staff in your organisation will get tremendous reach, especially if your company is big. It's safe to assume that sales people tend to have a large proportion of sales people in their network so the shared posts will be seen by the right people.

3) Stand out with the right image

Like it or not, posts with images draw more attention, regardless of the subject matter. Pick a picture that's relevant to your post - or use an image from the page or blog post you're linking to.

If you're lacking inspiration, take a look at some of the free stock photo sites, like Pexels or PixaBay. - but be careful not to become too stock photo-ey :)

4) Cross-post in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups can be a powerful tool. Sharing content from your company page to relevant groups, can drive engagement to your page. But be careful, some groups are merely a long list of very spammy posts - try to avoid these.

Your can read more about using LinkedIn Groups in our previous blog post.

5) Be generous

Remember to share interesting and relevant information from outside sources. If you're not afraid to share content from other companies related to your business, the credibility of your company page goes up. In addition, more people will become aware of your existence, which is always a good thing.





Belgium on the map!

We're happy and proud to introduce you to our agent in Belgium, Mic Adam.

Mic has over 30 years of international sales and marketing experience in the B2B and B2C segments, building diverse business distribution channels. Mic's local insights and experience makes him the ideal partner to pave the way for us in Belgium. Since 2004, networking via LinkedIn has been a key component of Mic's activities, but he's also providing training and consulting on LinkedIn for all types of users and companies.

“The first step to getting results on LinkedIn is a professional profile. Not everyone has the time, the pen or the inspiration to make their profile stand out and that is why Makeover Services International is a great addition to my portfolio,” says Mic.

Focus on resellers and large accounts

In 2017 Mic's focus is on getting several resellers and large accounts on board. He will be looking in areas such as sales coaches, outplacement and recruitment companies and large key accounts based in Belgium to team up with and promote MSI's portfolio of services.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller for MSI in Belgium, you can contact Mic directly at


In addition to representing MSI in Belgium, Mic trains and coaches sales people, recruitment professionals and businesses in the use of social media and networking. LinkedIn is essential to Mic’s offerings.

We are looking forward to working with Mic in the Belgian marketplace.

Feel free to connect with Mic on LinkedIn ( or follow him on Twitter (


LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How LinkedIn groups can boost your business


The power of LinkedIn's groups is often underestimated - but power users know how important groups can be to building your business.

Our experts have picked the top 5 tips for using LinkedIn groups to your advantage. Here they are:

1) Learning and sharing

By joining groups relevant to your line of business, you'll find that it's easier to stay abreast of the current trends and you can discuss relevant topics with like-minded people.

These groups are also a great place for sharing your own thoughts or blog posts on business-specific matters and get quality feedback.

2) Making relevant connections

By joining groups pertaining to your professional life, you will meet loads of people who may be useful to know further down the line. Do make an effort to connect with these people and make sure to include a short introduction where you highlight your common interests.

3) Contacting people without InMails

Initiating a dialogue with someone on LinkedIn who isn't part of your network is normally done through paid InMails. These can be a horribly inefficient tool for contacting people - but there is a different option.

If you're part of the same group on LinkedIn, you can contact the person directly and thereby bypassing InMails altogether.

4) Starting your own group

Creating a LinkedIn group can be a good way of connecting with a large number of people. It does take some time to build large groups and sometimes it just isn't worth it.

But, let's assume you work within C# programming, and there isn't already a group for C# developers based in your country or area, it may be a good idea to create the group. As a starting point, if you cross-section a business area with a location, you have an opportunity for a LinkedIn group with potential for a large and engaged audience.

5) Recruiting

Groups can be a great way of broadcasting open positions to relevant candidates. You just need to locate which groups have members who are relevant to your business - and also make sure that job postings are allowed in the particular groups.

In addition, you can contact candidates within groups directly, as mentioned above.


There you have it, LinkedIn groups are a great business tool if you use them right. Fortunately, is easy to get started - all it takes is a bit of dedication.





LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Year-end housekeeping on Linkedin

Are you winding down for the holidays yet? This is the time of year when you can probably set aside some time to do a few of the things you don't have time for in your busy daily schedule.

Your LinkedIn profile, for instance. Certainly, you can pinpoint a couple of things that could be improved upon if only you sat down and spent a little time doing it.

So, pour yourself a glass of mulled wine, put on some relaxing, seasonal music and sit yourself down with your laptop in front of the fireplace. Everything but the laptop is optional, sadly.

These are our top housekeeping tasks you should do before the end of the year:

1) Missed opportunities?

Go through your LinkedIn inbox and make sure you haven't missed any important messages from (potential) business contacts. If so, now is a good time to respond.

2) Salvage your notes and tags

LinkedIn is removing notes and tags from LinkedIn profiles and if you're currently using this feature, you should save them elsewhere.

You can either go through your contacts manually or bulk download everything to your computer.

3) Set up Saved Searches for the new year

Saved Searches can be an important part of your LinkedIn routine. For instance, you may want to set up a saved search that automatically notifies you of new jobs or business opportunities within your line of business, on a weekly basis.

To access the Saved Searches feature, do a search like you normally would and then click "Save Search" in the top right-hand corner of the page. To access already saved searches, click the little gear icon next to "Save search".

4) Upgrade your profile picture

Your profile picture is the first thing people see when they come across your profile on LinkedIn. Make sure you make a great first impression by displaying a professional and pleasant photograph of yourself.

You can find plenty of photography tips (lighting, angle, composition etc.) on the web, and if you put the effort in, you can achieve great results at home. Or you could hire a professional photographer to get the job done with the best possible results.




LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Reveal a LinkedIn member's network size

When connecting with someone on LinkedIn, you may find it useful to know the approximate size of that person's network. Normally, you'll just see the 500+ connections badge on their profile - but what's the real number? It could be 501. Or 10.000.

To find the right number, you have to dig a little deeper.

Go ahead and try this on a random LinkedIn profile:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the "Send InMail" or "Send Message" button (depending on whether the person is already a contact of yours).
  2. Click "View recent activity".
  3. The number of followers should now be visible in the top, right-hand corner of the page (next to the "Follow" button).


The number of followers isn't the same as the number of connections but for most normal profiles these numbers are not too far from each other. Important or well-known influencers or thought leaders may have thousands of followers and far fewer connections.

Also, you may find that on certain profiles the number of followers is zero. This is because they have disabled the Follow feature in the privacy settings.





LinkedIn Tip of the Week: What Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn means to you


As you've probably heard by now, Microsoft shelled out $26 billion on LinkedIn earlier this year. Many people have speculated how the acquisition would impact LinkedIn in years to come but there were no concrete answers from either LinkedIn or Microsoft. Until now.

A couple of days ago, Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, outlined the plans for tighter integration between LinkedIn and Microsoft's product suite. We've highlighted the key features that will benefit you, as a LinkedIn user, assuming you also use one or more of Microsoft's apps or services.

1) Deep integration with MS Word

Writing your CV in Word will now be a richer experience and you'll be able to update your LinkedIn profile directly from Word and pull data from LinkedIn into your CV. Microsoft will also include the ability to discover and apply to jobs from within Word.

2) Notifications from LinkedIn in Windows Action Center

In Windows 10, your LinkedIn notifications will be available in the notification panel (the Action Center) on the right-hand side of your desktop - along with all your other notifications. If you're trying to avoid notification emails clogging up your inbox, this is a great alternative - and you'll never miss an important notification from LinkedIn.

3) CRM

Social selling becomes a real and important feature of Dynamics 365. Mixing live data from LinkedIn with CRM information is a potential game changer in Microsoft's continuous battle with Salesforce for the the CRM crown.

4) Easy and powerful lookup of profiles

Probably the feature you'll be using most frequently during your day. Anywhere in Office/Office 365 where a person or contact is mentioned, you'll be able to quickly and contextually access information from the person's LinkedIn profile. You may already have used the LinkedIn plugin for Outlook but this integration is much deeper and ever-present in the Office ecosystem.

This is only the beginning and we should start seeing even more integrations in the coming months. We also foresee Microsoft opening up at least some of these new features/integrations to other third party services.

For the full story, see Nadella's blog post on LinkedIn.




LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 3 things you should do on LinkedIn every Sunday


If you're like most people, chances are you're giving your LinkedIn profile far less attention than it deserves. But you probably also know that LinkedIn is becoming increasingly important to both job seekers and organisations.

So there really is no way around it: You need to to start using LinkedIn to boost your career or your company's business.

To get the ball rolling, consider creating a recurring event in your diary to remind you to do three simple things, every Sunday. And why not start today?

These are things you should do every week on LinkedIn:

1. Like five LinkedIn posts and share one of them

Building your personal brand on LinkedIn is done through connecting with like-minded people and creating interactions centered around common interests. Liking and sharing posts from your contacts isn't just about giving props to the authors but also a way of signalling to your other contacts that you're expanding your knowledge base and that you're an active networker.

2. Connect with three relevant people in your industry

In a similar vein, building a network within your line of business can be very beneficial down the line. Don't just connect with anyone, but pick three or four people whom you've met in your professional life - or second degree contacts who share your interests.

Say, you're a management consultant, it makes sense to connect with other management consultants in your geographical area.

And don't forget to put a note in the "Relationship" tab on your new connection's profile. This way you'll always be able to recall how you met the person and why you connected with them. You'll thank me later.

3. Contact relevant visitors

Go through the list of people who've viewed your profile during the past week. You may come across interesting people to connect with or even prospective clients.

There's no harm in contacting people who have viewed your profile as long as you do it fairly quickly after the visit. If you wait for too long they might have forgotten all about you or a relevant business opportunity may no longer be open.


Now, go ahead and put that recurring event in your diary and make sure you do something good for your LinkedIn profile every week. Once you begin getting traction from your weekly efforts, you will automatically start using LinkedIn even more and you've created a virtuous circle.

Good luck.





LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 5 things you shouldn't include in your LinkedIn profile


Bolstering your CV and LinkedIn profile with as much information as possible about your experience, education and skills is essential, right?

Well, not always. If your CV is lengthy you should probably cut out some of your earliest jobs and be a bit more selective in your approach.

Apart from that, we've highlighted a few specific things that you should always leave out of your profile:

Informal language
Just because LinkedIn is an online service and as such perceived as slightly less formal than a traditional CV, you shouldn't be using very informal language and unnecessary abbreviations or smileys.

Soft facts
Leave out achievements you either can't describe accurately or if it's unclear what your contribution was.

Irrelevant summary content
Your summary is one of the most important elements of your LinkedIn profile. This is what absolutely everybody reads when they visit your profile so you don't want to waste this precious real estate on irrelevant information. Make sure you leave out stuff from your personal life and stick to your professional achievements and goals.

Blaming others and bad excuses
Keep the bar high and focus on the positives. You shouldn't ever resort to writing anything negative about past employers and don't make up bad excuses for e.g. short-term appointments.

Annoying buzzwords
There's a fine line between sounding clever and out of touch - and that line is constantly moving. Using buzzwords is a minefield and if you are the sort of person who likes to stay abreast of the latest trends - and brag about it on LinkedIn - make sure that you sanity check your profile every three months. A couple of years ago, terms like motivated, passionate, problem-solving, driven and adaptability were must-haves on LinkedIn profiles of any career-minded professional. Now, these words sound clichéd and outdated.

Keeping these pointers in mind, maybe it's time to check up on your own LinkedIn profile?




Ramping up in the Netherlands

Meet Daphne Medik, our new agent in the Netherlands.

Daphnes background in PR, corporate communication, B2B marketing and commercial training makes her the ideal partner for MSI in the Netherlands. With her unique local insights and deep knowledge about LinkedIn she's in a great position to offer our services in the very interesting Dutch market.

Focus on resellers

Over the next couple of months, the main focus for Daphne is to form partnerships with a number of resellers in the region. In particular, she's looking for organisations which can offer MSI's services as an added service to their existing offerings. Typically, resellers already operate within outplacement, recruitment, consulting or communications.

If you're interested in becoming a reseller for MSI in the Netherlands, please contact Daphne directly at


Alongside her MSI duties, Daphne trains and coaches professionals in business networking. Over the past five years, 90 per cent of her work has been centered around LinkedIn.

We are really happy to have Daphne on board!

Feel free to connect with Daphne on LinkedIn:


LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Why LinkedIn is essential to your business


LinkedIn is growing at a phenomenal rate but somehow many businesses neglect to give it the attention it deserves. In our view, too much focus is on other social media outlets which are less business-oriented.

In case you need a few solid stats to convince your boss to shift focus from Facebook to LinkedIn, look no further:

  1. Linkedin sends 4 times more visitors to your homepage than Twitter or Facebook.
  2. Almost 50 million students and recent college grads are on LinkedIn. Increasingly, LinkedIn is the best place to attract new talent.
  3. LinkedIn ranks as the number one B2B social media platform.
  4. Conversion rates are almost 300% higher on LinkedIn than on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Your employees are 70% more likely to engage with your updates on LinkedIn. Employer advocacy can be leveraged through employees' LinkedIn profiles.

LinkedIn presence really should be a no-brainer for any company but sometimes it can be a daunting task starting from scratch.

This is where we come in - we can help you get up and running with makeovers of your LinkedIn company page and your staff profiles.







LinkedIn Tip of the Week: LinkedIn social selling demystified

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few months, you have probably noticed a lot of talk about social selling. The term isn't specific to LinkedIn but a common trend across the popular social networks.

Basically, social selling is just a fancy word for describing the sweet spot where selling meets networking. Whenever you're selling, you're also building relations - and when you're building professional relations, you're also creating sales opportunities.

Just hot air?

So, nothing new then? Not really, no. But you still need to know how to leverage the power of LinkedIn in social selling.

Actually, LinkedIn has embraced social selling in a big way. And it's fairly easy for you to tap into the power of social selling using LinkedIn - here's how:

  • Start by checking your current Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn - it's right here: Then you can monitor your progress going forward.
  • Be in it for the long haul. Building a trusted brand and solid relationships takes time. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Connect with people within the business you operate in and make an effort to personalise your introductions. This will raise your rate of connection acceptance and benefit your overall SSI.
  • Establish your professional brand. It should be a no-brainer but many people forget: Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-date (we can help you).
  • Engage! Remember to share relevant content that your connections publish. Equally important is engaging in discussions on LinkedIn. If you spend 5-10 minutes doing these things every day, your SSI will benefit enormously.
  • Remember, engaging with your connections can also be saying congrats on reaching milestones, endorsing skills or simply liking posts.
If you make an effort and manage to integrate social selling into your daily workflow, you will see an increase in your SSI and your LinkedIn profile will become even more valuable to in your professional endeavours.






LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to grow your startup using LinkedIn


Since you're already following MSI, you're probably well aware of the benefits of being on LinkedIn, both as an individual and as a corporation. However, if your company is just starting out, there are some particular benefits of being active on LinkedIn.

Talent attraction

This is an obvious one, but important nonetheless. More and more recruitment is done via LinkedIn and the mass of talent online is growing rapidly. As a startup, you want your company to be present on LinkedIn via a company page (including showcase pages) and the personal profiles of your individual employees. And do consider drafting some sort of policy for LinkedIn usage within your company to maximise the effect.


By actively using your LinkedIn company page you get access to valuable demographics about your visitors - and stats about how you compare to your competitors. For instance, if you're aiming for an audience of senior managers, you can shape your content for this particular demographic and monitor the change in visitor demographics over time.

Relationship building

Despite the plethora of social media platforms, LinkedIn remains the best place to engage with professionals within your line of business. Networking and building relationships are still key to success on LinkedIn even if you're starting from scratch - and remember, LinkedIn users have twice the buying power of the average Facebook user.

Build your reputation

Credibility is hard to come by, particularly as a startup. But by actively using LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations (via your employees) you can build a sound online reputation rather quickly. Start by endorsing and writing recommendations for your contacts in a positive but honest manner and politely ask thay the do the same for you, preferably by mentioning your company as well. You'll be surprised how willing people are to recommend you when they're met with an outstretched hand. Linkedin recommendations are a super powerful tool - it just takes a bit of work.



LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 5 stats that prove why using LinkedIn is a great career move


LinkedIn is quickly becoming the most important recruitment platform for recruiters and headhunters.

You may not yet be an avid LinkedIn user and you may even wonder if you should make the effort and raise your activity level. Rest assured, your should.

Stats galore

The good news is that the stats confirm that LinkedIn is essential to your career. Just look at these numbers:

  1. 94 per cent of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates
  2. Compared to Facebook, users on LinkedIn are 6 times more likely to look at your job history
  3. Keeping your positions up to date on LinkedIn makes it 18 times more likely that you're found in searches by members and recruiters
  4. 66 per cent of job candidates believe interactions with current employees are the best way to learn about a company - meaning your possible future colleagues are ready and willing to share their experiences with you on LinkedIn
  5. This is the big one: 85 per cent of all jobs are filled via networking - in that light, can you afford not to be active on LinkedIn?

There really isn't any excuse not to stay active on LinkedIn. And if you're finding it difficult to get started, you know where to go!





LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Why LinkedIn is the best platform for business blogging


Everybody is blogging these days and the internet is a great place to voice your opinion or provide expert advice on a subject you care about.

The only problem is that hardly anyone is going to read the words you so carefully craft for your personal blog. It's really hard to drive traffic to a website unless you announce your posts on social media.

Advertising your blog posts on SoMe is a good tactic but you can take it even further: Why not blog directly on one of the large SoMe platforms, i.e. Facebook or LinkedIn? As it happens, LinkedIn's blogging feature is very good, and more importantly, it provides you with excellent ways of getting the exposure you want.

Is LinkedIn really worth it?

So, why should you start blogging on LinkedIn? Here are the main reasons:

  • LinkedIn is a business-focused platform which means that your audience is open to business or professionally-oriented articles.
  • People are also more likely to like and share posts on a platform with a more narrow scope than, say, Facebook.
  • LinkedIn is much more generous with exposure than Facebook. Every blog post you write will be pushed to your contacts via a notification. On Facebook, you can't be sure that your friends will see your post and if they do, it's likely to fight for attention with pictures of funny cats. Not a fight you want to pick.
  • You get detailed analytics of every post you publish on LinkedIn. These demographics can help you determine which angles work best for future posts.

Blogging without an audience is no fun and it almost always leads to declining post frequency and, eventually, demise of the blog. Starting a blog on LinkedIn will immediately give you a sizable audience (depending on your number of connections) and valuable feedback on your posts.



New partner in Germany - are you our next German reseller?

MSI is expanding world-wide via our extensive partner programme. Agents and resellers are becoming our main sales channel in our quest to provide an even better service to our many clients.

Partnering with key players in relevant markets enables us to tailor our offerings to suit local customs and practices. When rolling out in a new country or region, we also hire makeover consultants with local insights to facilitate the best possible makeover process.

Kristian Lodberg (pictured) is our agent in Germany. His background in business and brand development makes him the ideal person to trust with the wealth of opportunities that exist in the German market.

Get in touch

At this early stage, Kristian is focusing on striking partnerships with potential resellers in Germany - particularly with companies within outplacement, recruitment and communications.

If you’re interested in becoming an MSI reseller in Germany, don’t hesitate to contact Kristian via e-mail at



Photo: Carsten Bundgaard (

LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 5 tips for adding credibility to your profile with skills and endorsements


Writing a good professional summary and highlighting your previous accomplishments are important parts of your LinkedIn profile and you should definitely spend some time getting those sections right.

However, from a findability standpoint, effectively managing your Skills & Endorsements sections is essential to being found for the skills that matter to your career.

These are our five tips for getting the most of your Skills & Endorsements section:

  1. Only add skills that really matter to your career: If you add irrelevant skills, your contacts may be asked by LinkedIn to endorse you for skills that really don't matter to you - and you will miss out on endorsements for your core skills.
  2. Remove skills that are no longer relevant: Consider removing skills that are no longer relevant to your present and future career. If your priorities change, you can also choose to reorder skills to place your most relevant skills near the top.
  3. Consider the 50 skills limit: Be aware that only your top 50 skills are shown on your profile. But if you have listed 50 skills, maybe you should consider trimming them down to a more manageable number.
  4. Delete duplicate skills: Sometimes a skill will appear twice in your list and unfortunately there's no way of merging those skills into one. The best way to handle this is to delete the skill with the least amount of endorsements to make sure that all future endorsements are registered in one place only.
  5. Endorse others: If you endorse people in your network they are very likely to return the favour. It's simple really, but don't forget to scratch other people's backs...

That's it - now go and spend some time with your LinkedIn profile!





LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Why you should always include your educational background


Along with experience, education is one of the primary building blocks that constitute your LinkedIn Profile. It is important to prominently display your educational background as it increases your profile's visibility.

As a rule of thumb, the most relevant part of your education is either a bachelor's degree or master/postgraduate studies such as an MBA. Therefore, if you have attended higher education, elementary school and high school are not considered relevant to include in your profile.

Having said that, if no further education other than elementary school or high school has been obtained, these should be included. Even though the education might not be relevant for your existing job or the field you work in, the fact that you are affiliated with an educational institution helps expand your online network and reach All-Star level on LinkedIn.






    LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 5 tips for the perfect profile picture


    As pointed out in an earlier blog post, visuals are a very important part of your LinkedIn profile. This not only applies to the rich media underneath the job and education sections, but also to your profile picture.

    Your professional summary and details of your experience and education constitute a crucial part of your LinkedIn profile - but people are drawn to pictures first, and words second. So a good profile picture really can attract visitors to take a closer look at your LinkedIn Profile.

    5 tips for a great profile photo

    Here’s a few tips for a good profile picture:

    1. This may seem obvious, but make sure the picture is of you and that you are the only person in the picture.
    2. Use a natural background.
    3. Dress in formal wear to create a professional look.
    4. Avoid selfie-style photos: Don't take the picture yourself - or at the very least use a self-timer and perhaps a tripod.
    5. Use the right framing: Pick a headshot and not a full body picture. A close-up also works better in search results where the image is scaled down.

    Ideally, you should hire a professional photographer to get the best possible shots. And remember, a good headshot can be used for all your social media accounts, your CV and so on.





      LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to easily secure your LinkedIn account against hackers

      Building a strong network on LinkedIn takes time and effort which is why you need to take measures to keep it safe from intruders. Consider how you'd feel if you woke up one day and realised that you had lost access to your account and all of your contacts. Heartbreaking stuff, indeed.

      Worse still, a hacker could do a lot of damage to your reputation if they decided to use their unauthorised access for identity theft. This could potentially do serious damage to your personal and/or corporate brand.

      Two-step verification

      The best way to safeguard your profile against unauthorised access is to activate the so-called two-step verification. Basically, this means that every time you log in from a new device you'll need to provide LinkedIn with two things: Something you know and something you have:

      • Something you know: Your normal password
      • Something you have: A one-off code sent to your mobile phone upon login

      With two-step verification, if someone manages to steal your password, they still can't get access to your account unless they've also stolen your mobile phone. And once it's been set up, it really isn't much hassle - you'll only be asked for the SMS code when you log in from a new phone or computer.

      How to secure your LinkedIn profile

      1.  On LinkedIn, click Privacy & Settings on your personal menu (hover the mouse over your profile picture in the top-right corner.
      2. Click the Privacy link.
      3. Click the Two-step verification link near the bottom of the page.
      4. If you haven't added a phone number to your account, you'll be asked to do this now.
      5. Click Turn on and provide your normal password.
      6. Enter the verification code you'll have received via SMS.

      If you're logged in from other computers or LinkedIn's apps, you'll find that you've now been logged out. You will have to log in again on these devices (with two-step verification) but only once and then everything is back to normal.

      We strongly suggest that you enable two-step verification to keep your LinkedIn profile secure. Do it right now, and you'll sleep much better at night knowing that your professional network is safe from hacking!







        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Small Businesses on LinkedIn - Dos and Don'ts


        LinkedIn is a great tool for promoting a small business because LinkedIn can help you grow your network and generate business leads. But how do you do it right and get the most out of it?

        In this article we will go through some dos and don'ts for the promotion of small businesses on LinkedIn.


        1) SEO
        Your SEO (search engine optimisation) should consist of keywords that you want your business to be found on via search engines. To pick the best keywords you need to know what people are searching for.

        By using a relevant keywords you increase your chances of being found when potential customers are searching on the internet.

        2) Join and participate in LinkedIn groups
        It is all about being as accessible as possible. Some people are using groups on LinkedIn as a tool for connecting, networking and researching - so why miss that opportunity to interact with potential customers?

        3) Post status updates
        When you post an update, it is published to everyone in your network (unlike on Facebook) which is a great way to tell your story and present your company, products or services. But remember to keep it professional - always post relevant things about your company or industry.

        4) Get recommendations to attract new customers
        Recommendations is seen as a sign of approval and might just be the thing that convince new customers to choose you.

        5) Get your employees on LinkedIn
        Your employees' LinkedIn profiles is a great platform for sharing the latest news about and achievements of your company. This will increase your company's collective brand value and improve your visibility.


        1) Don't blindly copy strategies that work for big companies
        As a small business you should not copy the LinkedIn strategy strategies that work for big and established companies. This is obvious for many, but it's still a good reminder. Big companies often use more aggressive approaches which might not work for smaller businesses. Keep your customers' needs in mind and focus less on your competitors' strategies.

        2) Don’t forget to to include LinkedIn buttons
        Don't miss the opportunity to promote your company's LinkedIn presence, so add a LinkedIn button to your website, blogs, emails etc.

        What are you waiting for?

        Keep our dos and don'ts in mind next time you're on LinkedIn. Implement them and remember to monitor if they make a difference on your customer engagement on LinkedIn.





          LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to write the perfect LinkedIn summary

          Writing a great summary may be one of the trickiest tasks when creating a professional LinkedIn profile. What should it contain? Where should the focus be? And is it even important?

          The answer to the last question is a resounding yes! Everybody who visits your profile, reads your summary so it needs to be on point.

          Soft and hard values

          The key to writing a good summary is to include the perfect blend of soft and hard values. Anybody can claim to be a reliable employee, the catalyst of a healthy work environment or the person who always gets the job done. However, you should always back claims like these up with concrete information about your achievements.

          Your summary should be very individual and personal and the trick is to successfully explain the exact professional characteristics that make you stand out from the crowd.

          Here are some pointers on how to get started on the perfect summary:

          • Keep it short - 3 paragraphs of 3-4 lines, and list your competencies at the bottom. 
          • Briefly explain who you are and your areas of work.
          • List your main competencies.
          • Explain what differentiates you from others in the same line of business.

          Summing up (pun intended), your summary should contain the characteristics that you are proud of or defines your career. Your core competencies and your unique value propositions should be described - and remember to emphasize what motivates you and how you provide value to the people you work with.




            LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 5 tips to keep your profile visually sharp


            At some level, we're all visual thinkers. Keeping a visually appealing and harmonious looking profile will help you differentiate yourself from others.

            Give your LinkedIn profile a check-up with our guide to eradicating the most common mistaskes. Here you go:

            1) Consistent use of spaces

            It may sound trivial, but the use of spaces has a huge impact on the overall look of your profile. Do follow a template throughout your profile to ensure consistency in spacing between paragraphs in your summary, experience and education fields.

            2) Separators and bullets

            Be consistent in your use of separators, bullet points and special characters throughout your profile. So, if you use an asterisk as a bullet point in one section, don't use a dash somewhere else.

            3) Headline

            Create a professional headline with relevant competencies - and remember to use a common separator between the keywords.

            4) Grammar

            Checking spelling and grammar is very important. Silly mistakes can leave a bad first impression but it can also be quite hard to spot errors in text you've written yourself. If at all possible, do let someone else proofread your profile whenever you make bigger textual changes.

            5) Visuals

            Add visuals under each section of your profile, i.e. job positions, education etc. Ideally, you should use two types of visuals by each section - this could be a logo or a video which relates to the company or the position. Do put a brief description of what kind of visual material is presented, i.e. a website, a video and so on.





              LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to get more website clicks from your profile


              On LinkedIn, you can personalise the call-to-action text for your websites under Contact Info. This is a very handy function as it allows you to maximise the number of visits to your website that you receive through LinkedIn.

              We have provided this simple guide which takes you through the few steps required to personalise your website presentation on LinkedIn.

              Here's how:

              1. On your LinkedIn profile, next to your unique URL, click "Contact Info".

              2. Click the pencil icon next to "Websites".

              3. Select "Other". This gives you the option to fill out "Website title" which isn't available if you select e.g. "Blog" or "Company website".

              4. Fill out the "Website title" with a meaningful call-to-action text.

              Creating a catchy and relevant Call-to-action title

              When you fill in "Website title" you should consider what will attract people to actually go to your website.

              Instead of just writing the name of the company, you could put something like: "Click here for personal advice on recruiting".

              Keep the following in mind when you're personalising your call-to-action text:

              • The text needs to be relevant for your business or company
              • Ideally, it should be directly related to your core products or services
              • Create some kind of call-to-action by using words like "Click here to (...) " or "Read about (...)"

              That's it - make sure you've signed up for our weekly newsletter to never miss out on our handy tips for LinkedIn.





                LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Use the summer to take a step up in your career

                From time to time, we all get stuck in a daily rut at work and we don't really get a chance to contemplate if we're on the right path in our career. Time off work gives you the opportunity to reevaluate your current job situation.

                Our best summer career tip is to make yourself as attractive as possible to prospective employers by giving your LinkedIn profile some serious attention. You may not be ready for a career change right now but this may be the only time of the year where you have  time on your hands to focus on your personal brand.

                Let us help you

                Of course, your family may also expect some attention from you this summer! This is why we have decided to give you a 10 per cent summer discount on our professional LinkedIn Profile Makeover. This way you can further your career while spending time with your family :)

                Head over to this page to claim our summer offer.

                Next week we'll be back with our regular LinkedIn Tip of the Week.




                  LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How adding a second language will boost your LinkedIn profile


                  We have previously highlighted the importance of SEO in order to appear more visible on LinkedIn. When you initially created your LinkedIn profile, you probably chose to write it in your native language, or perhaps in English. But you will raise your findability significantly by adding more language versions to your profile.

                  Here's how to do it:

                  1. Log in to LinkedIn and go to your profile.
                  2. Hover the mouse pointer over the button labelled “View profile as”, and a drop-down menu will appear.
                  3. Click “Create profile in another language”.
                  4. Choose the language you wish to add to your profile, and start typing.

                  Be aware that the language of the text you're writing should match the currently selected language version. This may sound trivial but we've found that many profiles are written entirely in English but under a different language version. This often occurs when someone initially picked their native (non-English) language but then proceeded to write everything in English.

                  If this is the case for you, you'll have to manually move all the sections from the original language version over to the new one.

                  And to be clear, LinkedIn doesn’t automatically translate your profile from one language to another – you have to do that yourself. It will take some time, but it’s differently worth it when you get it right.

                  After creating a second, third or fourth language (depending on your language skills), you will have access to a drop-down menu on your profile which enables language switching. Also, visitors to your profile will be presented with the appropriate version of your profile, in accordance with their language settings.






                    LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to personalise connection requests on mobile


                    The latest LinkedIn mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to personlise your connection requests.

                    Personalised connection requests are a great networking tool but until recently, this feature was not available in LinkedIn's smartphone apps. This has been remedied now - here's how to do it:

                    • Make sure have downloaded the latest version of the LinkedIn app
                    • Go to the profile you want to connect with
                    • Tap the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the profile
                    • Select "Personalise Invitation," and then write your personalised message

                    Bear in mind that you cannot include email adresses and URLs in your personalised message - and there's a limit on the number of allowed characters. So keep the message short and to the point; simply tell the recipient who you are and why you should be connected.

                    Happy networking!




                      LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Don't add too many job positions


                      As a rule of thumb, your LinkedIn profile shouldn't go back more than 20 years. Very few people will find it interesting what you did professionally more than 20 years ago. It's probably no longer relevant and not related to what you're doing today.

                      However, there are a few exceptions:

                      • If you've taken an unorthodox career path, you may wish to include all your positions on your profile. For instance, if you have worked your way up from the very bottom of a large company, perhaps without an educational background, then you should consider including all positions.
                      • If a position lies more than 20 years back but is still relevant to what you are doing today - and it supports your professional brand - then it may strengthen your profile to include it.
                      • If you haven't changed jobs that many times over the years, a few extra positions can bulk up your profile considerably.
                      • Ideally, there shouldn't be any significant gaps in your professional timeline. However, if a previous position was completely irrelevant and even interferes with you current professional brand, you could consider leaving it out.

                      And remember, next time you get a new job, cast a critical eye on your professional timeline. Perhaps it's time to revise your profile!






                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Add a background image to attract more attention


                        Does your profile on LinkedIn look average - or even boring? Luckily, it doesn't take much effort to change that. By uploading a background photo you can make your profile stand out - here's why:

                        Adding visuals to your profile makes it easier on the eye and visitors will be more comfortable reading through your content. You really are wasting an opportunity by not including a photo; it's a simple yet effective way of expressing yourself, and it helps potential clients and hiring agents to see you in a professional light.

                        Just follow these simple steps to add a background photo to your LinkedIn profile:

                        1. Create a photo with the dimensions 1400 by 425 pixels

                        2. Save the image in either JPG or PNG format. GIF can also be used but it's not suitable for photos

                        3. Make sure the photo is related to your profession. For example, if you are a salesperson, you could upload a photo of the product you are selling

                        4. Make sure the image is optimised for web use, and no bigger than 4MB

                        5. Finally, when you've uploaded your background photo, ensure that it looks good on your profile and that other content is not blocking important elements in the image. You can check this by clicking the "View profile as" button on your profile

                        That's it!





                          LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 5 tips for increasing your InMail response rate


                          We all know how annoying it is when people on LinkedIn are ignoring our LinkedIn InMails. It is all about the impression you are making when you send an InMail. You want to make the recipient intrigued to find out more.

                          These are our 5 tips for increasing your InMail response rate.

                          1. Create an interesting and catchy subject headline
                          You can find a common connection, school or interest and mention it right in the headline. This will probably catch the prospect’s attention and make them open your email.

                          2. Keep your InMail brief and precise
                          You are not writing a long story here, and time is money, so keep it short and get to the point.

                          3. Make it personalized
                          If you are planning on sending the same message to several people, do not use identical wording. Read the prospect's summary or the whole profile to at least personalise your InMail slightly.

                          4. Call to action
                          You probably wrote to the prospect with an agenda in mind. So if you want to establish further contact with the recipient, don't be vague. Instead, specify a date and time for a phone call and see if they are available.

                          5. Don't give up!
                          If you don't get a reply, don't give up. Studies show that sending a follow-up message six days after the initial message, and seven days after the second message will result in a 24 percent response rate.





                            Machine learning, bots and AI - The real reasons behind Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn

                            Microsoft just shelled out $26 billion on LinkedIn which is around 3 times more than it paid for each of its previous two large acquisitions, Skype and Nokia.

                            On the surface, LinkedIn looks like a good fit for Microsoft who excels (pun intended) in business-oriented software and services. With its more than 430 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the preferred social network for professionals and it could become a great platform for Microsoft to promote its products. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

                            The robots are coming

                            Currently, all major tech companies are falling over themselves to get in on the next disrupter wave in Silicon Valley; artificial intelligence, machine learning and automated bots. Apps and mobile are no longer the next big thing but are considered baseline offerings for all the big players.

                            And herein lies the real reason for Microsoft's big interest in LinkedIn.

                            The enormous amount of data accumulated in LinkedIn's databases is the perfect base for building the world's first practically useful bot for business users. Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google Now are all mainly consumer-focused AI and there's a substantial void in the professional space waiting to be filled by a serious contender. And Microsoft has just made a huge play for this slot.

                            The new Clippy?

                            Nostalgic Office users will recall the Office personal assistant Clippy which was abandoned more than a decade ago - but with Microsoft's access to LinkedIn's data, we predict a strong comeback for a similar albeit vastly expanded function in future Microsoft products.

                            We're all being checked out on LinkedIn before meetings, after sales calls and when applying for jobs. And we're actively using LinkedIn to look up information about people we are doing business with. With LinkedIn's imminent tighter integration with Microsoft products, this behaviour is likely to change in a big way.

                            Consider the following scenario:

                            Users will no longer have to always look up information on LinkedIn manually. For instance, if you're writing an email to someone, Outlook will pull information straight from LinkedIn to generate context for you and assist you with the task at hand. You will be presented with a list of shared connections and skills you have in common. But that's just the basics.

                            Outlook/Office will actively monitor what you're writing about and, based on LinkedIn's data, provide you with pseudo-intelligent assistance. You could be writing a job application and you'd be presented with relevant information from the corporation's LinkedIn company page or the latest posts from the CEO's activity feed. Or you could be reminded of someone in your network that already works at the company. In true Clippy-style, you could also be advised not to apply for a specific job if the bot finds the average employment period for staff at the company to be very short.

                            LinkedIn profiles just became even more important

                            Privacy concerns aside, there's great potential in combining tools (Office, Windows, mobile phones) with data (LinkedIn). LinkedIn profiles will be used in a much wider context and all that juicy LinkedIn data could be put to good use across Microsoft's product suite.

                            At MSI we're excited about these prospects and they confirm our belief in LinkedIn as the single most important social media platform for the business community.



                            Photo credit: Microsoft

                            LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to build a unique personal brand

                            Companies are not the only ones building brands. You, yourself also need a solid brand because, increasingly, people want to do business with people, not corporations. We trust people more than we trust companies. Regardless of your field of expertise, it's a good idea to establish a strong personal brand, in order to stay competitive.

                            1. Your area(s) of expertise
                            Ask yourself, what do you want to be known for? Think “hard” skills, such as project management, P&L, mergers and acquisitions, product development etc., combined with your evidence for making those words count.

                            2. Spread the wisdom
                            Start writing about the things you know a lot about, be critical and reflective, but with a touch of your opinion on the matter. Be a helpful resource to others, be generous with your knowledge and people will come back for more.

                            3. Don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter
                            LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform but as an individual, you're likely to have a significant presence on Twitter or Facebook as well. Make sure you align your personal brand across these networks - this is particular important if your profiles are open and accessible to everybody, i.e. not just your friends. 

                            4. Live up to your brand
                            Don't write cheques on social media that you can't cash in real life. People don’t like to be disappointed so make sure that your real life self can live up to your online words. 

                            5. Network, network, network
                            Join relevant groups, and consider connecting with people who are within the same field as you. Don't be as picky with accepting requests as your would on Facebook - a large network is an advantage when you're trying to get your message across to a lot of people.




                              LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to become a boolean search ninja on LinkedIn

                              Like Google, LinkedIn search allows modifiers to help you get more targeted results. To get you started, we have created a simple guide on how to become a Boolean Search Ninja.

                              With more targeted searches, it makes it easier to find current and/or past employers, potential candidates or interesting people to connect with.

                              Boolean Search

                              Maybe you have heard about boolean search or seen some boolean search strings, but don't worry - they are not as confusing as they look.

                              There are only five elements you need to fully understand:

                              1. Quotation marks

                              Quotation marks are used to capture a whole phrase that needs to be kept intact, in the order the words are stated.

                              2. AND

                              Any word that follows the AND modifier must appear in the search result. For example: programmer AND coding. Results will include both programmer and coding. 

                              3. OR

                              OR gives you options in a search. For example programmer OR programming OR "computer programming". Results will include one or more of listed words or phrases.

                              4. Brackets

                              Brackets are used to group expressions and give priority over other elements around them. The most common place to use brackets is in OR sentences. For example coding AND (programming OR programmer OR "computer programming"). In this case, results must include coding and one of the the terms programming, programmer and computer programming.

                              5. NOT

                              This is very simple - use NOT in upper-case letters before the words you want to exclude from the results. For example NOT “IOS programmer".

                              Use these 5 simple boolean search rules in your next search on LinkedIn, and you will see just how precise results you're capable of getting.





                                LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to get B2B leads through LinkedIn


                                LinkedIn currently has more than 433 million users so maybe it is time to take advantage of this huge figure and see how many you can convert to customers? These are our pro tips on how to generate more business leads on LinkedIn.

                                B2B leads

                                Customers are actively using the internet to search and research for products and services which means that you need to provide the content that people are looking for.

                                Instead of wasting a lot of time and money on advertising, put you energy into creating quality online content that will attract B2B leads.


                                LinkedIn is a great source of B2B leads: Around 65 per cent of companies acquire B2B leads via LinkedIn. This is a big number.

                                If your company isn't on LinkedIn yet, hurry up and create a company page (or let us help you). A company page is a must-have if you want to use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation.

                                If you already have a company page, use it as an active channel to showcase your products and services. Write a good description of your company, and remember to include appealing visuals on the page.

                                Keep in mind that Linkedin is indexed by Google and other search engines so do add the right keywords in your descriptions.

                                Another way to get more B2B leads on LinkedIn is by joining groups. The brilliant thing about groups is that they allow you to start a dialogue with people that aren't currently part of your network. However, there is a limit on the number of groups you can join, so choose the ones you think will benefit your business the most.

                                For more advice regarding optimisation of your company page, read our previous blog post - click here.









                                  LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 5 power tips for getting eyeballs on your content


                                  LinkedIn is a great place to share knowledge and highlight your expertise, but fighting for attention in LinkedIn’s newsfeed can be hard. So how do you make your content stand out from the rest?

                                  Here are our 5 tips for getting your content read on LinkedIn:

                                  1. Catch the attention

                                  Capture initial interest from the reader by using intriguing and surprising information. A catchy headline and introduction is vital to even get the reader to click your link. But don't resort to link-baiting where you hardly disclose what the article is all about.

                                  2. The effect of the video

                                  Videos receive a lot of attention on Facebook so why not make use of that on LinkedIn? Create a visually exciting video about your subject - but only if you can make it fairly decent-looking. Videos can be really effective - in fact, 60 per cent of site visitors will watch video before reading any site text.

                                  3. Listing – it works

                                  Lists work! They may border on being overused, but lists make content clear, manageable and easy on the eye. However, consider your content carefully, and know when to list to keep your reader reading.

                                  4. Pictures!

                                  It's a well-know fact that online content which contains strong visual effects create more engagement than text alone. And when you share someone else's content on LinkedIn, remember to add a picture used in the source article - or even add your own.

                                  5. Knowledge sharing

                                  If you see quality content, share it! LinkedIn gives you great reach compared to Facebook so your contacts will appreciate your efforts. When sharing content, do add your own comment for a personal touch.

                                  That's it - get writing!





                                    LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to get ahead with LinkedIn Recommendations

                                    Everyone is busy these days, so realistically you most likely won't get LinkedIn recommendations from your colleagues without asking them. That is why you need to take matters into your own hands and request recommendations yourself.

                                    Why you need recommendations

                                    First of all, recommendations are an excellent way to confirm your listed skills.

                                    Everyone can see your recommendations, including recruiters and HR professionals who usually pay great attention to your Recommendations section. By getting recommendations from the people who know you professionally, you will raise your profile and enhance your chances of being noticed and deemed trustworthy.

                                    How to Request recommendations

                                    1. On LinkedIn, click on the Profile link on the top navigation bar and choose "Ask to be recommended". 
                                    2. Click on the drop-down arrow and choose which position you want to be recommended for. 
                                    3. Now choose whom you wish to get a recommendation from. 
                                    4. You can choose to write a short message in the field provided, but LinkedIn has already provided a standard message.
                                    5. Click Send - and you are done!

                                    Recommendations are extremely powerful as they can validate what you've written about yourself so you should definitely spend some time asking for them, on a regular basis.




                                      LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 4 reasons not to upload your resume to LinkedIn

                                      LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and it is designed primarily for the business community. So, obviously you would think that a downloadable resume/CV would be a great addition to your profile. This is a common misconception, however. Instead of increasing your chances of being contacted, uploading your resume may actually reduce them.

                                      Here are 4 reasons why:

                                      1) Protect your Privacy

                                      Your resume is supposed to be a relatively private document, and the only people who should see it, are the ones you choose.

                                      When uploading your resume, you run the risk of disclosing personal information which shouldn't be accessible on the internet. Identity theft is real so make sure that you protect your most important job-seeking document.

                                      2. Don't appear desperate

                                      Every recruiter is looking for the best candidate. Showing desperation is rarely the best way to entice recruiters and interesting employers.

                                      If you are a top candidate for a position, show it by creating an interesting and professional LinkedIn page, show that you have experience within the field and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

                                      3. Nothing left to find 

                                      A LinkedIn profile is a very important tool and it should contain enough information to make recruiters want to contact you. But leave the most in-depth details for your resume.

                                      By adding your resume to your profile, recruiters may believe that they know all about you just from reading your LinkedIn profile. Instead, state clearly that you'll forward your detailed resume upon request.

                                      4. Neglecting the good resume

                                      Lastly, the purpose and main strength of enclosing a resume to your application is that you get the opportunity to shape the resume so it fits the profile of the job you are applying for. A generic resume uploaded to your LinkedIn profile is a less exciting read and it will not get much attention from recruiters.



                                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Generate an offline resume

                                        For years, LinkedIn had a great tool for creating offline resumes/CVs straight from your profile - the LinkedIn Resume Builder. But now this tool has been closed down and LinkedIn has not provided an alternative. We all know that updating your resume can be a pain, so what to do now?

                                        The alternative

                                        Fortunately there is another site called Creddle, which enables you to turn your profile into an offline resume. Your Creddle resume can be based on one of the built-in templates, but the great thing about Creddle is that it also gives you the opportunity to customize your resume. You can change headers, add colors and move sections. That's what I call customization!

                                        4 steps to setup Creddle:

                                        1. Download your 'profile' on, by clicking on the arrow next to "View profile as".
                                        2. Then click "Save as pdf", and that's all you need to create your cool resume. 
                                        3. Sign into Creddle with your LinkedIn account.
                                        4. Drag your downloaded pdf onto the page and click "Resume" in the upper left corner. Now you can choose between templates, colors etc.

                                        Link to Creddle:

                                        Please note that your LinkedIn profile needs to be fairly up-to-date - otherwise Creddle cannot generate a decent-looking resume.




                                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Know the difference - LinkedIn InMail or Introduction

                                        Are you missing some expert advice or would it benefit you or your business to get in contact with a specific person? Then use your LinkedIn network to connect - but do it in the right way.

                                        LinkedIn was designed for the business community and is a professional platform where individuals and companies can connect. So why not take advantage of the functions offered by LinkedIn?

                                        InMail and Introductions are used when you wish to contact LinkedIn members with whom you're not yet connected. By using the LinkedIn InMail or Introduction services you have the opportunity to get in contact with people outside of your immediate network.


                                        Getting in touch with a 2nd degree connection can be achieved via an introduction through one of your primary connections, i.e. a connection you have in common with the person you'd like to contact. To get introduced, simply click the "Get introduced" link on the profile of the person you'd like to contact. 

                                        How the introduction benefits you: 

                                        • Your request has a higher chance of being read and responded to because it arrives via a mutual connection. 
                                        • Reinforces and expands your network. By leveraging your 1st degree connections you get quality introductions and expand your network.
                                        • Do not underestimate the power of introductions. Cold-contacting can be necessary at times but you may miss out on great opportunities if you neglect using introductions on LinkedIn.


                                        While the introduction service is a free service, LinkedIn InMail is not. It is a paid feature that is included if you have a Premium account.

                                        An InMail is a private message which enables you to contact another LinkedIn member - even 3rd or 4th degree connections - while still protecting the recipient's privacy.

                                        How the LinkedIn InMail benefits you:

                                        • Instant delivery. By using the InMail function, your message is delivered directly to the recipient - no-one needs to forward the request.
                                        • Delivery assurance. You don't have to worry about a mutual connection refusing to forward your request.
                                        • Go outside your network. Reaching a 3rd level connection can't be done with introductions so InMail is the only way to send a message to these connections without knowing their email address.

                                        Thats's it. Now go and try out introductions - and you can even try InMail for free as LinkedIn regularly offers a free month of their Premium service to regular members.



                                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to use Showcase Pages to create a distinct business platform on LinkedIn

                                        To succeed as a company on LinkedIn you must drive the right people to your profile, but how do you achieve that? How do you - as a company - get your own voice and create a distinct platform for your business?

                                        Get your own voice with a Showcase Page

                                        By using Showcase Pages you can present your own voice for every part of your business. With a Showcase Page you can create different pages for every aspect of your business.

                                        Advantages of using Showcase Pages

                                        • You can engage with a specfic customer segment - which is perfect if you have different brand strategies
                                        • You expand your presence on LinkedIn
                                        • You get the opportunity to advertise more products
                                        • The more layers you add to your company's offerings, the more segmented audience you get - which basically means that you can reach out to more potential clients

                                        Showcase Page vs. Company Page

                                        You can't create a Showcase Page without already having a Company Page - you could say that the Showcase Page is an extension to the Company Page. The Company Page gives a general introduction to your company whereas the Showcase Page represents a specific product, service or business unit.

                                        How to create a Showcase Page

                                        Go to your Company Page and click "Edit" which is located in the upper-right corner of the page.

                                        Then you choose "Create Showcase Page". All the editing of the Showcase Page is similar to the Company Page but it is important to note that there is more focus on visuals on the Showcase Page.

                                        Pick a header photo that appropriately represents your product or service and add some descriptive text. Remember, your Company Page and Showcase Pages can be language-versioned to achieve even greater presence among your key demographics.



                                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Attract talent by being socially engaged

                                        80 per cent of employees say they would rather work for a social CEO, and 2 out of 3 customers say that their perception of the CEO impacts their perception of the company. *)

                                        Increasingly, we choose our jobs based on whom we work for and not what the company is like on paper. Therefore, your organisation's presence on LinkedIn and other social media is becoming a crucial element in attracting the right candidates for your vacant positions.

                                        Top-down engagement

                                        In this context, your CEO's expression on LinkedIn is important, but it doesn't stop there. Ideally, the CEO should act as beacon of social media for the rest of the organisation. However, sharing compelling stories about your company is one thing; getting relevant traction and eyeballs is an entirely different ballgame.

                                        For instance, if your CEO writes a LinkedIn update about new job openings in your fantastic IT department, it probably won't be seen by many developers and IT professionals. But if the current employees in your IT department likes and/or shares the CEO's update, the number of views will multiply and - more importantly - more relevant people will see the update.

                                        The benefits are twofold: Your job openings will be viewed by possible candidates and your CEO and your organisation are seen as highly social.

                                        Naturally, you need to ensure that your employees' LinkedIn profiles are top notch. If only there was an easy way to achieve this... ;)


                                        *) The Social CEO: Executives Tell All, Weber Shandwick, 2013 & The LinkedIn Executive Playbook.


                                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: LinkedIn privacy isn't just about changing your password

                                        These days, there's a lot of talk about data security and privacy on the internet. And it's definitely worth spending a little time securing your most important sites and apps with strong passwords, or even two factor authentication. But we'll get back to that in a different LinkedIn Tip of the Week.

                                        Using LinkedIn on a daily basis, you expose a lot of information about yourself and your contacts, and most of the time that's exactly what you want. You want to heighten your personal brand or create awareness about your company or products.

                                        Stop broadcasting your activity

                                        Whenever you change anything on your profile, add a contact or like someone else's posts, it will show up in the feeds of all your connections on LinkedIn. Again, this may be desirable most of the time but if you aren't aware of this, it may have some unwanted consequences.

                                        Say, you're looking for a new job and in the that process you're probably updating your profile more than usual and you may also add recruiters and headhunters to your connections. Depending on your situation, this may not be signals you want to send to your current employer.

                                        Luckily, you can disable your activity broadcast by going to Edit profile and change the Notify your network? setting to No.

                                        Remember to switch it back to Yes when you're done with making changes.

                                        Hiding your connections

                                        By default, all your connections can see who else you're connected with and this may be just fine for your current situation.

                                        In many lines of business it's the other way around. If you're connected with both clients and competitors (very common in the IT world, for instance), you may want to keep your competitors from getting too easy access to your clients.

                                        In that case you can change the visibility of your list of connections by going to Privacy & Settings > Privacy > Who can see your connections and change the setting to Only you.

                                        Note that shared connections are always visible.





                                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Free guide to attracting customers with LinkedIn

                                        To celebrate that we're now doing business in 10 countries on 3 continents, we're giving away our excellent guide "Attracting more customers with LinkedIn" for free - for a limited time. Presence in ten countries is an important milestone for MSI and this is our way of saying thanks!

                                        To claim your free guide, go to the product page (english) and add the guide to the cart. During check out, use the discount code MSI-FREE-GUIDE-ENGLISH to pay $0 instead of $44!

                                        Have a nice day!



                                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 5 reasons why you definitely need a LinkedIn Company Page

                                        We always talk about the importance of keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date. But what about the company you work for? Your corporation's LinkedIn Company Page can play a crucial role in your marketing efforts.

                                        Here's why.

                                        The LinkedIn Company Page is not just for show - it will give your company these very tangible benefits:

                                        1. Free SEO: LinkedIn ranks highly in Google's search index and the more content on LinkedIn that mentions your company name, the better rank you get.
                                        2. News channel: Unlike on Facebook, all your news is shown to all of your followers on LinkedIn. You don't have to pay to ensure that your posts pop up in everyone's feed.
                                        3. Professional dialogue with clients and potential clients: The tone is much more professional on LinkedIn than on Facebook and Twitter, and this makes it very suitable place for a B2C conversations.
                                        4. Attract talent: LinkedIn is a professional network and many positions are filled by candidates sourced via LinkedIn. As a company looking for talent, LinkedIn is definitely the place to be. You can also posts your vacant jobs on your Company Page.
                                        5. Showcase products and services: Showcase Pages are sub pages to your Company Page. These are perfect for presenting what your company is all about.

                                         So, if your company doesn't have a LinkedIn Company Page already, now is the time to get one. And how about that - we can even create one for you! Have a look at our Company Page Makeover.



                                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Use your public profile URL everywhere

                                        Your LinkedIn profile is an important part of your personal and commercial brand. It should always be up to date and the authoritative source of information about your current and past career.

                                        LinkedIn's public profile URL can help you draw attention to your profile but you need to do it right.

                                        First of all, you should pick a URL that is easy to remember and convey, say, over the phone.

                                        Here's how: Go to your LinkedIn profile and click the gear icon next to your public URL (just below the "View profile as" button). Then click the pen icon next to the current public URL. Now, change the part of the URL that is editable. If you're lucky, your full name may be available - if not, you'll have to be a little creative.

                                        Remember, the URL should be easy to remember and read out loud.

                                        Now that you've secured your public profile URL, make sure that you use it absolutely everywhere. For starters, you could use it here:

                                        • In your email signature
                                        • On your business card
                                        • On your web site
                                        • On your facebook profile

                                        The list goes on, but you get the idea.



                                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Add relevant skills to boost your SEO

                                        We all know how important it is to showcase our skills on our CV and LinkedIn profile. However, far too many LinkedIn users forget to properly map their strengths in the Skills and Endorsements section.

                                        In order to appear in relevant searches, you need to keep your skills updated. By clicking "Add skill", you can add up to 50 skills that are relevant to your career profile.

                                        Adding skills will give you two clear benefits:

                                        1. Your LinkedIn contacts will regularly be asked to endorse you for your skills. This is great (and free!) exposure for you.
                                        2. If you've picked skills and also mentioned those same skills elsewhere on your profile, you will appear even higher in search results than if you only mentioned them in one section.

                                        Unfortunately, it's not possible to perform searches on LinkedIn purely on skills but that feature may be implemented in the future. However, skills are included in LinkedIn's search algorithm as weighted keywords.



                                        LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How to identify and deal with fake profiles

                                        You may inadvertently have connected with non-existing people on LinkedIn. The number of fake profiles is on the rise and it really is unavoidable, considering LinkedIn is approaching half a billion users.

                                        The reason for this behaviour may in some cases be benign but the internet is rife with examples of identify theft and phishing attacks so you need to be careful. The fake profiles may also connect with you in order to map your network within a certain business and then establish relationships with your connections.

                                        What to do?

                                        Luckily, there are a few tell tale signs that can help you spot these profiles:

                                        • The profile is very sparsely filled out and some of the text may be copied from real profiles (a Google search will expose this).
                                        • The person is often posing as a recruiter or headhunter.
                                        • The profile picture is of high quality and depicts an attractive woman.

                                        Now, it's no crime to be an attractive woman but you'll find that the fake profiles mostly use stock photos or photos stolen from other sites. A quick reverse image search will reveal this behaviour.

                                        If you identify a fake profile, you should report this to LinkedIn.

                                        As always on the internet, if you use common sense and stay vigilant, you can steer clear of these scammers.


                                          LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Why you should move 10% of your Facebook time to LinkedIn

                                          Most people use Facebook a lot. Too much, probably. And Facebook is definitely winning the battle to become the go-to app on our phones for those moments during the day when there's nothing else to do.

                                          Read on to find out why and how you should focus a fraction of that time on LinkedIn instead - and start reaping the rewards very soon

                                          Your LinkedIn profile is your online business card. But it's more than that - LinkedIn is where you build your professional network and make yourself known for what you're good at. There are no LOLcats or funny videos here so you you'll be excused for not wanting to check up on your feed all the time.

                                          But a little less will do.

                                          We're not advocating that you abandon Facebook altogether - we all need our daily dose of light entertainment - but you should definitely consider moving 10 per cent of your Facebook screen time to LinkedIn.

                                          We recommend that you do one or more of these things every day:

                                          • Check the LinkedIn newsfeed/Pulse and like or share a couple of stories that pique your interest.
                                          • Search (or your preferred news source) for interesting stories related to your professional field. Post one of them on LinkedIn with your own relevant angle or comment.
                                          • Endorse a few of your connections for skills that you know they have.
                                          • Search for possible relevant connections within your field. Saved searches and email alerts will make this really easy.
                                          • Similarly, search for new groups that may be relevant to you, and join them.

                                          Most of this stuff can be done straight from the LinkedIn mobile app so there really is no excuse for not giving your LinkedIn profile the attention it deserves!


                                          LinkedIn Tip of the Week: How To Merge Two LinkedIn Profiles

                                          Are you one of the many LinkedIn users with more than one profile? For instance, you may have created a second account because you no longer have access to your old signup email address.

                                          How do you go about merging the two (or more) accounts?

                                          Unfortunately, there's no automated way of handling this and LinkedIn can only help if both/all of your accounts have more than 10 connections

                                          1-10 connections

                                          If you have 10 or less connections on one of your profiles, you're on your own. You basically have to manually reconnect with your old contacts on your new profile. You can request an archive of your data from LinkedIn but it's hardly worth it.

                                          If you can't log in to the old profile to shut in down, you'll have to contact LinkedIn and ask them to do it.

                                          More than 10 connections

                                          If you have many connections, LinkedIn will do the transfer for you and close the old account. However, there are several things that LinkedIn can't transfer from one profile to another: Recommendations, work experience etc. So consider carefully which profile you choose to axe.

                                          You can find LinkedIn's detailed description here:


                                          LinkedIn Tip of the Week: 3 tips for the perfect profile photo

                                          "Don't judge a book by its cover," is a popular saying. It's true, of course, but the fact remains that we're all guilty of doing exactly that. And the same goes for profile pictures on social media: We can't help making assumptions about people based on what their profile photo tells us.

                                          So, what's the right photo for your professional profile?

                                          LinkedIn is not Facebook. Potential business relations don't want to see you feeding giraffes in Kenya or scuba diving in the Caribbean. And they definitely don't want to know what you were doing on Saturday night while you were out celebrating your promotion.

                                          Follow these simple rules to ensure that your profile pictures works in your favour:

                                          1) Look the business
                                          Wear neutral or business clothing and don't let patterns or strong colours dominate the overall expression. And remeber to look friendly - don't frown or look like you've just won the lottery. A subtle, approachable smile is what you're aiming for.

                                          2) Declutter
                                          Your face is what's important so don't fill the frame with distracting elements. In fact, you should keep the background clean and non-obtrusive. Your face should be the primary point of focus so don't place yourself too far from the camera.

                                          3) Re-use on other social media
                                          If you use other social media (e.g. Twitter, Viadeo, Zing) professionally, you should upload the same profile photo to all your profiles. This makes you instantly recognisable and contributes to your personal brand. If your Facebook profile is strictly personal you can let your hair down a bit there, but please make sure that you apply the appropriate privacy settings to avoid any embarrassing holiday moments from leaking out.

                                          There you have it. A good, professional profile photo is worth the effort and you should definitely spend the time or the money to get it done right.


                                          Managers, this is why you need a top-notch LinkedIn profile

                                          Business relations are becoming increasingly personal and brands no longer hide away their talented employees. Showcasing profiles of key members of staff is an effective and trustworthy source of corporate branding.

                                          Everebody wants a great manager

                                          A recent article in underlines this point:

                                          "Today, applicants for our open positions seem more interested in us because of the manager they are going to be working for rather than our company itself" - says Camilla Ley Valentin, CCO at Queue IT, " my opinion, candidates carefully contemplate future managers' personal brands before applying for a new job."

                                          Corporate buy-in

                                          At MSI we always preach that personal branding is an integral part of corporate branding, and LinkedIn profiles are the most important factor in this.

                                          Christian Sylvester, CEO of MSI: "Almost 70 per cent of our clients are from the B2B segment of the market. Companies are starting to realise the value of employer branding through the LinkedIn profiles of their employees."

                                          To accommodate the busy schedules and higher demands of C-level managers, MSI recently launched our new VIP LinkedIn Makeover product. Our best-selling product is still our LinkedIn Profile Makeover which elevates your profile to All-star status in just a few days.



                                          LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Should you crosspost your updates on LinkedIn?

                                          Everybody seems to have an opinion on whether you should crosspost your social media content on different platforms. If you create a blog post on your web site, should you post the same content on LinkedIn, Tumblr, Medium etc?

                                          Our answer is: Yes, but...!

                                          On the internet, you'll find many advocates both for and against crossposting to different social media, but the fact remains that posting on different networks gives you more exposure - which is a good thing.

                                          So yes, do crosspost but be aware of the following caveats:

                                          1) Google hates duplicate content so don't post the exact same story on different networks. Alter it slightly, or - even better - show different sides of the same story on different media. This way, your Google page rank won't be affected.

                                          2) Don't crosspost to different social media at the same time. Your followers probably follow you on several networks and they will be annoyed if they see three or four identical stories at the same time in their feeds - and they may unfollow you as a consequence.

                                          So yes, do re-use your content but carefully consider how you go about it. Maximize your exposure without alienating your followers and harming your SEO.


                                          LinkedIn Tip of the Week: Discover the importance of LinkedIn language versions

                                          LinkedIn is available in an ever increasing number of languages. You can browse the site in any of the 24 currently supported languages and - more importantly - you can create versions of your profile in those languages as well.

                                          Choosing the right language(s) for your profile is more important that you may realize.

                                          You might think that one language version is enough, i.e. if you're from Sweden you'll probably opt for Swedish as your only language version. However, consider the fact that many people use English as their preferred language on LinkedIn and many searches by recruiters and business contacts are performed in English in addition to their native languages.

                                          Also, if you have more that one language version, visitors to your profile will automatically be shown the version that matches their current user interface settings. This also underlines the importance of keeping all your language versions up-to-date.

                                          Did you know that MSI offer LinkedIn makeovers in several languages?


                                          LinkedIn tip of the Week: How to craft the perfect professional headline

                                          Your professional headline is the single most important part of your profile. You need to get this right.

                                          Apart from the obvious, like avoiding spelling and grammar mistakes, make sure you use the limited number of available characters in the best possible way. This week, we bring you these 3 tips from the pros:

                                          1) Use your job title along with key terms that represent what you do
                                          If you're a web designer, something like this may work for you: "Experienced web designer specialising in mobile platforms | UX, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, wireframes". The idea is that your headline should communicate your title and the essential skills that you deploy in your field of work.

                                          2) Be findable
                                          Stating your skills is important but if no-one can find you, what does it matter?

                                          When you're editing your professional headline, start off by clicking "See what other users in your industry are using" to get an idea of the keywords used by your peers. Also, perform a search for each of the keywords you're planning to use and see if they yield relevant results.

                                          3) Don't shout
                                          This is an easy one: Don't write EVERYTHING IN CAPTIAL LETTERS. It's just a lazy way of highlighting points that may otherwise not stand out.

                                          You may argue that shouting will indeed make you stand out from the crowd and get your message across, and you may be right. But using capital letters does nothing for your findability and it makes you come across as inarticulate, angry and rude.

                                          4) Don't be cringeworthy
                                          LinkedIn isn't Facebook. Everything on your profile is visible to the whole world and it is often the first impression that potential clients or employers get of you.

                                          So, dress up, look smart and be on your best behaviour, like you would at a job interview or an important business meeting.


                                          LinkedIn tip of the Week: Look alive!

                                          In the fickle, fleeting world of social media, your relevance is closely related to your activity level.

                                          Make sure you fine-tune your presence on LinkedIn and post updates regularly - but not so often that you start annoying your contacts.

                                          The optimum number of posts on LinkedIn is one per day. This number seems to strike a perfect balance between the informative and the annoying.

                                          See more in the Social Media Frequency Guide:


                                          LinkedIn tip of the Week: Turn off Activity Broadcast when doing housekeeping

                                          Remember to turn off activity broadcast before making bulk adjustments to your LinkedIn profile. You'll avoid bugging your contacts with a stream of pointless notifications in their feed.

                                          But more importantly, if you're actively looking for a new job, you'll avoid signalling to your current employer that you're sharpening your profile. This is especially true if recently you haven't been very active on LinkedIn.

                                          Go to Privacy & Settings > Select who can see your activity feed to change this setting - and remember to change it back when you're done with your housekeeping.


                                          LinkedIn tip of the Week: This is why you should join relevant LinkedIn groups

                                          Groups are an integral part of staying relevant on LinkedIn. Obviously, you gain access to valuable knowledge by participating in discussions about your particular line of business. In addition, a group membership enables you to contact all group members directly without using InMail.

                                          Great story in national Danish paper about MSI and corporate branding via LinkedIn

                                          Today, Makeover Services International is featured in the major Danish newspaper, Berlingske. The two-page spread centers around how we help businesses maximise their brand impact on LinkedIn.

                                          Employees' appearance on LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important part of corporate branding and the article investigates this trend:

                                          "You can't separate things like we used to do. Our employees are our face to the world on social media and this makes their LinkedIn profiles important," says Iben ­Schmidt Helbirk, head of HR and communications at NNE Pharmaplan - one of our valued corporate clients.

                                          Our CEO, Christian Sylvester, agrees: "Employees' profiles are part of the collective corporate communication effort and this puts certain demands on the online presence of your staff."

                                          See the full article in today's print version of Berlingske, or click here (Danish):

                                          And why not get your own profile makeover?


                                          Welcome to LinkedIn Profile Makeover Consultant Julie Bager

                                          Welcome to our new LinkedIn Profile Makeover Consultant Julie Bager

                                          Julie has a background as a copywriter, translator and web designer. She is experienced within on- and offline communication, SEO, translation and content writing in Danish and English. She has also been involved with event planning and PR.
                                          For the past two years, she has been self-employed working as a freelance copywriter, proofreader and translator.

                                          Julie has a degree in Multimedia Design & Communication from the Copenhagen School of Design & Technology. She will assist in conducting LinkedIn Profile Makeovers for MSI clients.

                                          HR Professional, Recruiter, Outplacement executive, Headhunter - We are looking for YOU!

                                          At Makeover Services International we are in the process of expanding our business in several markets across the globe. To maintain our high level of service and professionalism we are partnering with local HR, outplacement and recruitment experts. With local insights and knowledge of market specifics, the primary role of our partners is to generate quality sales in their local countries or areas.

                                          If you are an independent recruiter or HR professional, an MSI partnership may be the perfect fit for you.

                                          As an MSI Partner you will be enrolled in our revenue sharing programme. You will receive a fixed percentage of all the sales you make, across all our different services and products. At the end of every month you will receive a complete statement of your sales and revenue. Simple and transparent.

                                          Please visit our partner page via the above menu. 


                                          Makeover Services International is strengthening it´s presence in USA

                                          New Consultant is joining the makeover team

                                          New LinkedIn Makeover Consultant is joining the MSI team.

                                          Lindsey Jones
                                          Lindsey has hands-on experience within Management and Human Resource. She comes with experience as a business owner and has relevant experience with business planning, staff management and recruitment of new employees on LinkedIn and Facebook.

                                          Lindsey is currently studying Master of Arts in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and she resides in Minneapolis (USA).


                                          New LinkedIn Makeover Consultant at MSI

                                          Kristian Brønsbæk is joining the MSI team 
                                          Kristian has previously worked in the hospitality industry and besides his new job at MSI Kristian works as Copywriter. Kristian has a professional track record within internal and external communication. Furthermore, he has been involved in marketing related projects as well as SEO text writing.
                                          Kristian is currently studying journalism at the Danish School of Journalism. Kristian will assist MSI clients with LinkedIn Profile Makeover assignments. 

                                          We are expanding the LinkedIn Makeover Consultant team

                                          Welcome to our new LinkedIn Profile Makeover consultant, Maria Schultz de Morais.

                                          Maria´s previous work titles include Consultant, Web developer, Communication Coordinator and Sales Assistant. She has gained relevant experience within SEO management, content writing and maintenance of web pages amongst other areas.

                                          Maria is fluent in four languages; Danish, Spanish, English and Portuguese. Maria is currently enrolled in the Master’s in Diversity and Change Management at Copenhagen Business School.

                                          Prioritize your professional headline

                                          You probably have already heard about the importance of the right keywords in your LinkedIn profile. You might also have heard that the right keywords can improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and that you should employ them in various sections of your LinkedIn profile. But what are the right keywords? And where should you employ them to optimize your chances of being found in a search?

                                          What LinkedIn recommends

                                          LinkedIn recommends that you only include the keywords that best reflect your expertise and experience, and that - if you do so - you are more likely to appear in the top search results on Google and LinkedIn whenever someone searches for those exact keywords. With a few steps, you can make your profile stand out compared to those in your network.

                                          Prioritize your headline and make sure to employ the right keywords

                                          Your headline is the one right below your name on your profile. By default, LinkedIn updates your headline with your current job title and company if you do not add anything else yourself. But why repeat what is already mentioned in your experience section? Instead you should focus on what you do and how others can benefit from working with you by for instance representing your areas of expertise and key competencies such as Social Media Consultant | Have your LinkedIn profile optimized with a LinkedIn makeover | Employer- and personal branding. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your headline as long as you keep it simple and tasteful. And please remember, to have the rest of your LinkedIn profile support your headline!

                                          If you are interested in learning more about how to employ the right keywords in your LinkedIn profile check out our guides tailored to you whether you are looking for new customers or a new job. We will also update and optimize your profile for you if you don’t feel like you’ve got the time. Learn more under products here on our website.

                                          MSI is the main sponsor of DK Recruitment Day 2015 conference

                                          MSI is this year one of the main sponsors of DK Recruitment Day 2015 arranged by Sylvester & co. At the event more than 150 HR professionals from across the Nordic countries gather and become inspired by Danish and international keynote speakers on the latest recruitment challenges that face HR departments today. The conference takes place in Copenhagen on September 08th. 

                                          Kim Vesterskov is joining our MSI team

                                          At MSI we are very pleased to welcome Operations Manager Kim Vesterskov who will join our team from September 1st.

                                          Kim has a solid professional background within career counseling, teaching, project management, outplacement and recruitment. He is a keen user of LinkedIn and has been for several years. He has great experience in facilitating and teaching at LinkedIn workshops and has great knowledge on how to use LinkedIn in the recruitment process and as a preferred professional networking tool.

                                          As Operations Manager at MSI, Kim will primarily be responsible for our products and services. He will be engaged in ensuring customer satisfaction as well as managing the consultants carrying out LinkedIn Profile and Company Page Makeovers. He will also be involved in the recruitment process of new consultants and in marketing related to our business. Finally, as Operations Manager Kim will be involved in teaching and workshop facilitation in-house and out-house.

                                          Welcome to the team, Kim! We are looking forward to work with you.

                                          Want to become a partner at MSI?

                                          Due to expansion of our business in several markets across the globe, we are looking for HR professionals with local insights who can generate quality sales in their respective country or area. It doesn’t matter if your area of expertise is within recruitment, outplacement or other HR processes, as long as you agree to the partnership as a long-term commitment.

                                          As a partner, you will be enrolled in our revenue sharing programme and since you will be in contact with our clients - corporate and private - you must buy in to our philosophy of treating everyone with the utmost respect and professionalism as trust is key to us. In return we will provide you with a range of services to enable you to focus on maintaining the great service you offer your clients. These services include our online shop with all of our products and services, a specific code which ensures that sales made in our online shop are registered to you specifically, a recognized brand within LinkedIn optimization, and not least our competent team of trained and certified LinkedIn Makeover Consultants.

                                          In case you can recognize yourself as our next valued partner, don’t hesitate to apply here on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates about new services and products.

                                          LinkedIn Profile Makeovers for graduates

                                          First of all, we at Makeover Services International would like to congratulate all new graduates who have completed a year-long education, and whom at this moment embarks on a new chapter in their lives. But what 
                                          The intense thesis has probably meant that your focus has not been on updating your resume and you probably haven’t written many job applications either, despite the fact that you are well aware that the job situation can be challenging these days. And even if you have the time for it now, it may well be that you do not know how to go about it or maybe all you need at the moment is your well-deserved vacation.

                                          In Makeover Services International we can help you! With our online service LinkedIn Profile Makeovers we make sure to update your online CV with your educational background, your relevant work experience from previous jobs, as well as your professional and personal key competencies. With our service we guarantee an improved search engine optimization (SEO), meaning that your chances of appearing on the headhunter's radar increases as your LinkedIn profile will appear in the top 5 of Google search results when you search for your name. When your LinkedIn Profile Makeover is complete, we can even put together an updated offline CV that you can attach your next job application.

                                          The only thing required of you is a 15-minute phone or Skype interview which is based on your forwarded CV and a questionnaire sent to you by one of our consultants before the interview. You can also watch this YouTube video on how the process works:

                                          Want us to help you? Order here on our website or follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for updates about new products and services.

                                          LINKEDIN RE-MAKEOVER SERVICE

                                          Here at MSI – Makeover Services International, our goal is not just to give your LinkedIn profile a professional appearance, we also wish to make you comfortable with LinkedIn and its features. We have guides and competent consultants who are ready to sit down and give you the full LinkedIn A-Z.

                                          But we also have understanding for those who buy a LinkedIn makeover in order to appear professional on LinkedIn, and might not have the time or interest to learn the how, when and why.

                                          Therefore, we offer a LinkedIn profile RE-makeover. If you, for instance, had a makeover while being un-employed, and afterwards lands a job, new competencies or education, our consultants will take a new look at your profile and make sure it matches your profile.


                                          Having troubles writing your summary on LinkedIn? You are not alone.

                                          Many people experience a hard time when it comes to writing a summary. Finding the right keywords are one thing, but then to combining them into a self-righteous text while maintaining integrity can be hard.

                                          Recently a group of actors published videos of them reading LinkedIn summaries out loud, making a mock of the classic over enthusiastic employee “I don’t attend meetings, I attend doings”. Thus, it is worth mentioning that the right expression and tone of voice will make everything sound pretentious.

                                          It is definitely something that takes practice, but some tools that might be useful for your first summary could be:

                                          • Define your interests – often they matches your competencies, and it might be easier to write “I’m interested in marketing” than “I am soooo good at marketing”
                                          • Start with the easy part – what do you do, where do you work, what have you studied
                                          • Think about what you want to be known for – the “softer” competencies
                                          • Keep it short and concise
                                          • Gather inspiration from likeminded

                                          MATCH WITH YOUR DREAM JOB

                                          The word ”match” might sound more like Tinder than LinkedIn, but it’s reality with the new app from LinkedIn the LinkedIn Job Search app.

                                          The app enables you to have a greater overview of vacant positions, and distinguish between them, by setting your preferable search criteria such as industry, company or job functions.

                                          You can apply directly from the app, and for the curious ones out there, you are able to see who actually reads your application.

                                          After you have applied or saved some jobs, the LinkedIn app will do some of the work and propose relevant positions. That way you are up to date with the newest jobs and it is said that people who apply the first day are 10% more likely to land the job.

                                          So if you are job seeking, or just curious to what is out there, download the app and let the matching begin.


                                          Makeover Services International entering the Swedish market

                                          Makeover Services International is expanding it´s global presence and is now entering the Swedish market. We are very pleased to announce that Andrea Hessmo is joining the team of certified Makeover Consultants. We look forward to serving our Swedish Clients.


                                          Interested in being contacted? Don’t hide your contact info

                                          You might have noticed the “Contact Info” tab on your profile, and maybe you have already filled it out, and maybe you intentionally didn’t in order to keep that information to yourself and the ones closest to you.

                                          Of course this is a matter of personal believes, but have you considered the chances you might miss out on?

                                          Some recruiters are aware that a lot of people do not check their LinkedIn inbox, and often have lots of unread messages in there. Furthermore some want to make a more personal job offer. In that case, an email address or telephone number will make you more accessible.

                                          However, it might not be enough to put it in your contact info since that particular tab is only visible to 1st and 2nd connections. Therefore, don’t be afraid to publish your email address on your LinkedIn profile, there is even a feature called “Advice for contacting …” suitable for your contact info.

                                          If you are apprehensive towards spam-bots, or the like, screening LinkedIn for email addresses, you can replace the @ with (a), e.g. msi(a)

                                          TO ACCEPT OR NOT TO ACCEPT

                                          LinkedIn has the title as being the greatest professional network in the world. You are not “making friends” on LinkedIn, you are connecting with people. But should you connect with everybody?

                                          Have you tried receiving an invitation to connect from a complete stranger or maybe just someone you haven’t had contact with since elementary school? If yes, you might also have been confused by the invitation and then found yourself in the awkward position whether you should accept or not.

                                          Let us investigate why people are connecting randomly:

                                          First of all, LinkedIn’s algorithm also places you higher in search rankings if you have 500+ connections and the more connections you have, the larger network.

                                          Furthermore, one of LinkedIn’s features is your ability to see how you are connected to someone; if it is your own connection, your connection’s connection or maybe your connection’s connection’s connection. If you are directly or partially connected, LinkedIn finds you more likely to have something in common, and thereby enables more information for you to see on their profile – and the other way around.

                                          However, with every social media platform, connecting/following/adding etc. is a matter of personal preferences and some will always be more likely than others to engage in virtual relationships. But before rejecting the next invitation on LinkedIn, just consider the advantages above, and maybe your old high-school sweetheart will be the entry to your next job.

                                          Why be a part of a group on LinkedIn?

                                          There are tons of groups on LinkedIn and you might be a member of a handful of them. It might be Alumni groups or something else you find super relevant and specific for you.

                                          But did you know that your visibility on LinkedIn will increase severely the more groups you join?  

                                          First of all, groups are headhunters’ paradise. If you are looking for a sales manager, you can simply enter a group for sales managers and have your list of candidates right there, why not be one of them?

                                          Secondly, if you take the time to engage in the networking groups’ discussions, you might be noticed and acknowledged for your know-how and gain inspiration from likeminded.

                                          Lastly, LinkedIn provides more profile information for those who are either connected or present in the same groups. Hence, by joining some of the largest groups, you are increasing the amount of people who can explore your profile and thereby your visibility.


                                          "LinkedIn Outplacement service" New service from MSI

                                          Today Makeover Services International is launching a new service: "LinkedIn Outplacement service".

                                          MSI has helped hundreds of companies and their employees and ensured that they stand out professionally. Our service is performed with a personal and local touch with respect for individual choices and wishes, and will always be of the same high quality regardless of company location. An updated LinkedIn profile combined with an offline CV gives redundant employees an efficient boost to their career search.


                                          LinkedIn and the power of change

                                          Ever felt like you finally learned your way on a social platform, but then they change their layout just as you have gotten used to the old one?

                                          You are not alone, the social platforms change layouts, algorithms, rules and regulations all the time, and it can be frustrating if you are not an all-hour user.

                                          LinkedIn has recently changed the layout of the homepage and your own profile-view. Especially the profile-view can be confusing. Suddenly you cannot see your entire summary, tabs saying “volunteering experience” or the like pop-up and it does not look like a profile view you would want your network to see.

                                          However, this is just an edit mode, making it easier for you to quickly change something at your profile and keeping it up2date. If you would like to check how your connections see your profile, just click “view profile as”, and everything will look like it did before.

                                          Changes can be confusing, but most often they serve a greater good!


                                          Make your company stand out on LinkedIn

                                          One of our key products at MSI is our LinkedIn Profile Makeover where your personal LinkedIn profile is being optimized with visual features, SEO and personally adjusted to your needs through a telephone interview.

                                          But did you know that we do the same for companies?

                                          LinkedIn has the Company Page and Showcase pages, which is an opportunity for your company to stand out in the crowd. It increases the possibility for attracting the right candidates through the job posting function, getting noticed by potential customers through the search function on LinkedIn, and having a platform for campaigns and employer branding.

                                          If you order a Company Page Makeover at MSI, we are not only creating the pages, you also get an opportunity to receive training from one of our consultants, who will make sure that you know exactly how to make the best with your new Company Page. 

                                          Increase traffic to your website with rich media

                                          You might have come across LinkedIn profiles that have attached different rich media (pictures, YouTube videos, links, etc.) to either their summary or experiences.

                                          But why are people doing it?

                                          First of all, it might be for the simple reason that it looks professional and it makes a good division between your employments. However, from a business perspective, it is an easy way to promote your company and increase the possibility for traffic to your website.

                                          In order to insert rich media, go to the top of your experiences and click on the square with a “+” sign next to “add position”, and from there it is very intuitive.

                                          And if LinkedIn should give you a hard time and give you an error message, do not give up, sometimes all it needs is a few tries. 


                                          Finding the right keywords for your profile

                                          Earlier we blogged about the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) throughout your LinkedIn profile.

                                          But where can you get inspiration to find these keywords?

                                          If in doubt, you can always look in your resume and see if any words are being used repeatedly and thereby indicate extensive experience within these areas.  

                                          You can also get help from LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers a lot of opportunities to investigate which words are being used frequently by professionals in your industry.

                                          One of the opportunities is enabling edit mode and enter your headline. From there you can easily go to “See what other users in your industry are using” and thereby get a lot of inspiration to keywords in order to make your profile relevant and streamlined. The website can also perform an analysis of your resume etc and locate relevant keywords for you.  

                                          LinkedIn Makeover – and then what?

                                          Are you one of the lucky people who have already invested in a LinkedIn Profile Makeover?

                                          Maybe you are also one of them who sit there afterwards, and stare at a beautiful and complete profile, and then starts thinking “what do I do now?”

                                          A lot of people contact us to do their makeover simply because they have not engaged with LinkedIn much in the past. Now they have a good looking profile and want to keep it current, but they did not learn how LinkedIn actually works.

                                          Well, fear not!

                                          At MSI we have developed LinkedIn How2guides, which will learn you the objectives and most elementary parts of LinkedIn, give you tips and tricks and inspire you in order to engage with your network and get noticed on LinkedIn.


                                          Does personal branding rule out corporate branding?

                                          Your LinkedIn profile is personal, in your name, and filled with your own content. But is that all?

                                          Have you ever looked at another profile and the companies the person have worked for and thought “that is a strong profile he's got there” purely based on experience? This is corporate branding leading to personal branding. Your personal profile is looking good, because of the good reputation of the places you have been.

                                          This also works seen from a reversed perspective; if the employees of your company have strong profiles and look good and corporate, then your brand looks good and corporate as well.

                                          At MSI we deliver LinkedIn Profile Makeovers that provide employees with sharp and streamlined profiles that will not only result in personal branding, but furthermore present your company on LinkedIn as a unit of professionals.

                                          SEO for job seekers

                                          Headhunting on LinkedIn is no longer something that only happens to your neighbor. Headhunters and recruiters are out there looking for profiles for exiting jobs every day. Are you making yourself easy to find?

                                          A buzzword today is Search Engine Optimizing (SEO), which practically focuses on bringing something higher up the search rankings by being relevant. Since headhunters and recruiters are searching through LinkedIn, SEO is definitely an important aspect to consider for job seekers.

                                          You can “Search Engine optimize” your profile by defining keywords that describe your professional skills and preferences. A good question to ask yourself is “Which words would I like to be found on, in a Google search?”

                                          After defining your keywords, make sure you repeat them throughout your profile, in order to appear relevant in searches involving these.

                                          And then who knows, maybe you will be the next one to be contacted and landing your dream job?

                                          Communication consultant joins MSI

                                          As of February 16 Thomas Lykke Olesen has joined the MSI team in the role of Communications consultant.

                                          Thomas has a degree in journalism and communications from the Danish School of Media and Journalism. He has previously worked in the field of news journalism at DR and as a freelance communications consultant at several companies and organisations.

                                          At MSI his responsibilities will include handling and coordinating PR and communications in an effort to make the MSI brand a well known brand in Denmark as well as abroad.

                                          We are hiring!

                                          Want to work as a Freelance Consultant?

                                          Do you want to work with personal and corporate branding? Are you a social media enthusiast? And are you passionate about communication?

                                          Then we have the job that will challenge and excite YOU!

                                          Makeover Services International is looking for passionate and talented freelance consultants who are ready to combine the worlds of personal/corporate branding and social media.

                                          We are looking for native speakers of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, French or Portuguese.

                                          Find more information about the job here; 

                                          Why you should let LinkedIn sink in

                                          Why you should let LinkedIn sink in

                                          There is no longer much doubt to whether LinkedIn is a social media platform that is here to stay. People from all over the world are connecting with each other in order to stay in touch, to network or to open up for new job opportunities. But are you getting the most out of LinkedIn?

                                          LinkedIn has been around for almost 12 years and has always primarily been considered a professional networking site. However, as anything else in the digital world, different features and purposes develop through time. One of the purposes is, among other, recruiting via LinkedIn. Professionals from all over the world, gathered on one platform with their experience on display – what’s not to like for a company wanting to save time and resources in the process of looking for a new candidate?

                                          But what does this have to do with you?

                                          Through hundreds of makeover assignments, consultants in MSI have experienced a lot of LinkedIn profiles and a pattern has started to show; the need for a LinkedIn profile is no longer up for discussion. A profile is made, connections are introduced, and maybe some jobs get listed. But then what? The profile is left alone, naked and without personality.

                                          LinkedIn is, to a great extent, a free tool with a lot of opportunities for their users, so why not exploit it? If you have already seen the potential of a professional network, then start engaging with them. An overstatement would be to have a great set of friends with many different qualities, without wanting to talk to them.

                                          At MSI, we want to help you by making sure that your profile is suitable dressed for visits from headhunters, business partners, customers or just old colleagues you want to impress.

                                          Welcome to Makeover Services International

                                          Today we proudly declare Makeover Services International open for business. The past months our team has been working hard and preparing for this day. We are very excited about going live with our website and company launch. 

                                          Our ambition is to become the leading global makeover company and bring our clients the best service and advisory.

                                          Our Makeover Consultants have all received intensive training at our MSI online academy and have transformed hundres of clients into LinkedIn All-stars. They are now ready to engage with a more international market and roll out the MSI makeover concept. The past 18 moths we have developed and succesfully offered our services in primarely Denmark and Norway. Having many international orientated clients in Denmark and Norway combined with the fact that more than 70 % of our clients recommends our services to their network convinsed us that we have global potential. We are now unleashing this potential.

                                          We look forward to serving our clients and expanding our global presence. 

                                          Br Christian Sylvester, CEO

                                          Useful information


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